Vampire Diaries Spoilers Roundup

Here is a roundup of some of the recent spoilers posted by TV Line, TV Guide and E!Online. Will Jeremy be back? What about Damon and Elena? And will we learn more about Alaric’s past?? Your burning questions answered!

Via TV Line’s Ask Ausiello:

Question: When will see Jeremy again on The Vampire Diaries? This inquiring mind would like to know. —Nic

Ausiello: “We will see Jeremy before the season’s over,” replies exec producer Julie Plec. “That’s about all I can say on that.” And in case anyone is looking for an updated ETA on Katherine, Plec says, “Homegirl is MIA. She’s smarter than to get herself caught up in all of this mess.” Yes, Julie Plec just referred to Elena’s ancient vampire doppelganger as a Homegirl. And yes, I love her for that.

Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz:

When is Alaric going to do something other than drink and flirt with Meredith on The Vampire Diaries— Sam

NATALIE: To be fair, Alaric has lost both his wife and girlfriend to the blood-suckers, so we’ll give him a pass on the nascent alcoholism. But we’ll soon learn more about his vampire-hunting days, which may help us to figure out why Elena trusts him so blindly. “A lot more of his past will be revealed,” Matt Davis says. “Things that he’s been struggling with will be purged and come into clarity for him.”

Via E!Online’s Daily Spoiler Chat:

Paigerzzz22: Is there any word on Jeremy yet for TVD? I already miss him!!

Fret not, we have not seen the last of Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen)! “We will see Jeremy before the season’s over,” executive producer Julie Plec teases. “That’s about all I can say on that.” We’ll take it!

Kitademare: TVD?

What? Our scoop-filled post following last night’s epic episode was not enough for you?! Alright, here are two more teases. You’re welcome in advance.
1. Expect to see a lot more of Meredith (Torrey DeVitto). “It’s possible,” Plec says of bringing DeVitto on full-time. “We’re still talking about it.” And yes, we will be seeing that psycho side of Dr. Fell that her now dead ex-boyfriend warned Alaric (Matt Davis) about. Nobody does psycho like Nanny Carrie, y’all!
2. When Tyler (Michael Trevino) returns (he will in the Spring!), it won’t be as a Klaroline fan. Duh. “There’s nothing worse than going away, putting yourself through endless and eternal agony to break a bond to some guy when you come back to town you realize he’s been putting the moves on your girl,” Plec says.

MandyLee: How about something juicy on The Vampire Diaries?!

How about the fact that people are totes gonna die? This is the scoop executive producer Julie Plec drops our way: “There’s definitely going to be some jeopardy by season’s end. Certainly, many of our characters are going to come face-to-face with their maker at some point before the season is over. The question of whether they meet and shake the hand and get dragged away with their maker is a whole other question.” So it sounds like some deaths might not stick? And others will?

Keeleylou25: When are we gonna be getting some good Delena scenes? Is Elena going to realize her feelings for Damon on TVD?

We strongly advise you to not hold your breath while waiting for an epic romantic scene between Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev). “She hates him,” Somerhalder tells us of the fan-favorite couple. “He’s a d–k.” As for the repercussions of his seriously hot hookup with Original sis Rebekah (Claire Holt)? The return of old Damon! “I think Damon is just starting to get his mojo back a little bit,” Somerhalder teases. “He’s been pining after Katherine for the past 150 years and he’s been pining for Elena for quite a while now. I think it’s just time that he stop pining.”


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  1. Oookay, I’m neither DE nor SE, but to read the last part about DE kinda made me sad for the DE fan, but I can’t help and congrats myself on knowing that the kiss was just to appease fans.

    whether they meet and shake the hand and get dragged away with their maker OMG last part?! That sounds so much like the book and I won’t spoil it!!!

  2. i dont’ want to believe what Ian and Nina have been teasing us about…and the fact that Elena hates him all of the sudden…..no way..even if what happened in the previous episode is about to piss her off up to a certain level, she will definately realise that Damon’s latest sketchy choices have been caused by her own betrayal towards Damon…she pushed him away in the most cruel way possible..now she may have realised that was wrong but Damon is deeply hurt to suddenly forgve her!he has been patient for a long time, sacrificing him whole existence to protect her and all…i think the actors keep teasing us by saying to not expect anything good between them…i guess they wanna keep this triangle alive and make things seem more complicated than they really are

  3. I just wanna know what about klaus and caroline??!!! I don’t want it to end, he’s been soooooooo cute these last few episodes, i want him to get her, or like maybe caroline will be endanger by the psycho doc and get staked or something and he will save her or something and it will call back his feelings for her. please someone find some news for me! <3

    And its a bummer about the whole DE thing….but i know writers hate to make the fans happy…which i feel is counter productive…buuuut whatevs I guess, I have no control, although if it keeps getting my hopes up and dashing them aka no KC or DE…mostly the KC lol I might just stop watching…. :( sad but true…can we threaten with low ratings to get what we want?? XD

    *sigh* <3 joseph morgan XD

  4. And I’m hoping stephin and ellan get back together there so cute and dameon is so rude and mean he gets on my nerves and I also think claus and carilone should go out but then I don’t cuz tylers kind of sweet and cute and claus is just sweet so ya

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