Vampire Diaries Spoilers – New Season 4 Secrets Via TV Guide’s Keck’s Exclusives

TV Guide‘s William Keck had a chance to chat with Julie Plec and the TVD cast at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. Major spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution. This one in particular has peaked my interest, especially the part about Matt. I don’t think it’s what they say it is though, I think what Julie is speaking of, is actually a “nod” to the books. What do you guys think?

– Early in the season, newly-turned vampire Elena (Nina Dobrev) will have what Plec calls her “first hot vampire sex” with either Damon, Stefan, Klaus, Matt or Elijah. A possible clue as to who the lucky guy is? “Elena saved Matt’s life, so he’s going to end up paying it forward in a very peculiar way.” Dobrev’s reaction to the action: “It’s like she’s going through puberty and vampire sex is going to feel like her first time.”

Read the rest of the spoilery goodness over at TV Guide.


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  1. I know it isn’t Kalus because that would mean she had sex with “Tyler”. Unless her feelings are off in a big way or she is inhabited by Anita Blake, I don’t see Elena doing that to Caroline. The obvious choice is Stefan, I don’t see Elena sleeping wth Damon after dumping him over the phone. Tiny wish for it to be Elijah because it would just tick Rebekah off.

    I thin Matt with feed Elena his blood to turn her. He is part of the reason she became a vampire, because he played dirty to control her (seriously where was he when she spent all of season 2 whining to die?) resulting in the accident. So to keep her around Matt will give her his blood.

    Off topic, but how tall is Nina? She looked like a giant next to that one guy last night at the Teen awards.

  2. Make it Damon!!
    ppplllllleeeaaaasssseeee please please let it be DAMON!!!!!!! :)

    Can not wait until the new season.

  3. It will be stefan so people better except it now. I would perfer damon but they’re not going to shove them in the sack together it’ll be stefan. Julie plec said that she would be with stefan for a bit. Although I would also like to see her with elihja lol he’s just idk just intriging..

  4. I am hoping it’s Elijah or Damon!! I am sure Elena and Stefan are end game for the series, so I’d like to see a little variety in the meantime!

  5. Uhm.. Matt is going pay it forward in a very PECULIAR WAY?? Guys,the answer is here. We just have to figure out what the hell did Julie mean when she said that.

    “Elena saved Matt’s life, so he’s going to end up paying it forward in a very peculiar way.”

    Ok..so..what?he’s going to arrange the room for her,bring candles and roses or what?or maybe..nope,i don’t really think that matt will sleep with elena. Clearly not. It will be Damon or Stefan,for sure. Btw,i hope it’s Damon :)/

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