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Here’s the latest from E!Online‘s Daily Spoiler Chat. Delena fans…there may be hope after all.

DK in New York: The writers for TVD are so cruel! I’m beginning to feel that the whole Elena and Damon kiss was the start and end of their relationship. Any scoop on most people’s favorite couple?

Fear not, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) fans! Though Damon and Elena may seem further apart than ever, sources tell us their estrangement is not permanent and that their complicated dynamic “will be heating up again” this season. We’ll pause while you “Delena” fans rejoice and “Stelena” (Stefan and Elena) fans go through the five stages. It gets better, guys.


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  1. Really?! So it’s going to be back to Damon AGAIN?! But anyway I’ve learned to read the right thing by now: epic=normal and heating up=more scenes OR a kiss.

    At this point in the season and with only 7 episodes to go (which means what less than a week in TVD timeline), the characters really need their alone time, but it won’t happen.

    So my theories/Questions for what’s to come:
    -From what I’ve read Bonnie/Elena (Kat G interview) won’t be on the same side for a little while (e-online spoilers, I’m saying that if DE heats up, I will only be natural for their friendship to get a blow. But PLEASE don’t make it that Elena goes back t Damon because she’s just sad and needs comfort) question is: Is it a good/bad side thing or simply a GoodCop/BadCop side thing. (LJ Smith must be crying somewhere)
    -With Sage apparently having her own agenda (with means her character could be recurring) is she the next super-epic-who-turns-too-emotional-and-then-boring villain? Cause except Mikeal, we have yet to have a “real villain”, let’s hope Klaus will come back to the dark side (Klaus we have cookies)
    -After seeing interviews with Candice, Persia, R’chard and Kat G all at the same location(Abby’s house), I’m curious with that episode (okay I’ll be honest anything at this point that doesn’t concern Elena playing yo-yo with the Salvatore bros is more interesting.) LOL
    -Why do I feel like Jeremy’s return WON’T be a good thing?!
    -I hope (more than I’m sure) that Alaric won’t die.
    -Might probably die this season: Elena (Vamp or not), Jeremy, Alaric, Tyler, Katherine, Abby, Jamie(please, Jamie needs to be in that list LOL)

  2. Ughhhh I was really hoping the writers wouldn’t have Elena ping-ponging from brother to brother like she was in the books. Looks like I’m wrong!…But I still believe that S/E will definitely have at least one kiss this season. The writers had D/E kiss in 1×22 (even though it later turned out to be fake), D/E to kiss in 2×22, and D/E to kiss in 3×10. The main reason I am pointing this out, is that in every season even when Stefan/Elena were together the writers still allowed for D/E to kiss and I think it was mainly for the fans of them to have something to be happy about (for a little while). I am hoping this is the case with S/E, but tbh I have no idea where the writers are taking this love triangle!

  3. Delena please happen!!!! This couple makes the show alive and interesting….without Delena the show is evetually die……Delena is the BEST part in the show……They are the reason i can’t wait for Thursdays……Delena forever!!!

  4. Again with the tease to keep us de fans glued. Probs elena is going to use damon for her needs hugs and stolen kisses and throw him away when she sights stefan sigh :|

  5. No guys, relaz and think! Delena will definately continue to a better future cause, Elena has strong feelings for Damon but the fact that Damon is Stefan’s brother and Stefan was the one she used to love and be in a relationship with, she cannot accept these feelings she has been having for his brother ….Elena has been very faithfull and she used to have strong morales, but now that she is starting to change herself and getting all tougher and independant, she is starting to realise what fans have always waited for….the fact that when you fall for another person but still loving the one you first got, it means your feelings were changed and if this first love of yours was the one, you wouldn;t be falling for the other guy!it’s true, it’ just have the up side downs…cause it’s complicated….the whole situation i mean…she needs to get closer to Stefan first like before, only to realise that nothing can be as it used to be cause their relationship is broken

  6. oh my god, forgive my typing …i didn’t exactly look at it before i posted it ¨(… i was overwhelmed by joy……

  7. I used to be DELENA all the way, now to be honest I like Elena with both brothers. Stefan has really grown on me… I would like to see how her and Damon will be together at the same time I won’t mind if she goes back to Stefan…

  8. I…don’t like Stephen much. His hair is stupid and he’s always brooding and the only time I’ve ever liked him was in S1 on the miss Mystic Falls episode and even then he was only fun and relaxed because he was high on blood. I don’t know why he can’t have a healthy sense of humour and not be a psycho killer at the same time.

  9. With all due respect, i dont really get the whole elena and damon thing. Dont get me wrong i like his character a lot, he definately provides comic relief, but does anyone really think he is capable of a mature relationship. He acts like a 3 year old who throws temper tantrums when he doesen’t get his way, but when he throws a temper tantrum someone gets killed. If elena chooses damon over stefan i hope she likes babysitting. If i am ever going to like damon and elena together he will have to do a lot of maturing. Plus, i don’t see a whole lot of chemistry between the two. stefan and elena have a lot better chemistry. sorry delena fans. Just my opinion as someone new to the vampire diaries. Honestly, i would rather see elena back with matt, as far as i know, he is the only one who hasen’t killed anybody. I don’t care who ends up with who as long as the male cast does it with their shirt off!!!!!!!!

  10. Seriously??????? This season has been the worst with the are they or aren’t they? thing DE has going on. And I’m getting sick of it. I just wish writers would make up their minds already. I can’t stand DE or SE, but I’m sick of Elena bouncing back and forth between them. This triangle is a bore and I’m so ready for the Salvatores to finally man up and realize that Elena is NOT worth it! And use more Kat, Candice, Michael and Zach! They are the best part of the show!

  11. Argh its so frustrating! All this yo-yo-ing around! First its stefan, then Damon now its kind of both?
    At least in the books, it is DEAD clear Stefan is 100% for Elena, although she does love Damon, she’d never choose him.
    The series though, I prefer Damon! For the simple reasons;
    a)wasn’t known as a ripper!
    b)loved Katherine, no matter what she was!
    c)puts his heart on the line.
    d)would never leave elena!

    Yet Stefan still in the picture, is she INSANE!
    Sure he got there first and wasn’t all bad boy in the begining, but his past says alot!

    Also, I hope Alaric doesn’t die, but I do feel like Elena hasn’t lost any family members, sooooo Jeremy or Alaric can’t live forever.
    Meredith will blatently die.
    Abby will probably be staked.
    Bonnie won’t forgive Elena for a while.
    Tylers neck might be on the line if he messes with Klaus, once he realises Klaus like Caroline.

    So like the other seasons, I’m sure it will end with deaths and loads of drama. :)

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