Vampire Diaries Spoilers – Julie Plec Talks To TV Guide Magazine

I heart Julie Plec so much! From her subtle spoilers she gives us on Twitter, to this great Q & A with TV Guide Magazine packed full of juicy tidbits.  And I’m gonna tell you right now….if you don’t want to know, then don’t read any further.

Will the November 19 Vampire Diaries cliffhanger “keep fans a little bit crazy in the head during” the show’s winter break? That’s what coexecutive producer Julie Plec tells TV Guide Magazine she hopes for the shocking ep that featured Elena (Nina Dobrev) finding Katherine’s photo after spending the night with Stefan (Paul Wesley). She takes off, crashes her car and is trapped as a shadowy figures approaches. Will she survive? Plec also gives us a peek of what to expect when the show returns in January. SPOILER ALERT!

What’s happening when Diaries opens its pages again in January?
Our first episode back is a very Damon and Elena-centric story. The two of them go off on a little adventure and bond in a way she didn’t think they were capable of. Having left her necklace behind with the vervaine, the question is: is Damon taking Elena along of her own free will or is he controlling her to enjoy the experience. Also, Gina Torres (Firefly, 24) guest stars as a witch that Damon goes to visit.

Sounds like you’re building toward a romantic triangle?
Yes. The interesting thing about the Damon/Stefan/Elena triangle is that Damon’s heart belongs to Katherine forever and always. But as we go through the rest of the season, he’s going to get to know Elena better and better. And can Elena and Stefan’s relationship survive her learning the truth about Katherine? Damon never lied to her and didn’t’ have sex with her. At least not yet.

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  1. I’m guessing Elena will probably go on her own free will. She’ll probably be upset with Stefan which will cause her to change her judgment. I’m looking forward to a little Damon/Elena time, even though I don’t want them to end up together in the long run.

  2. Great show. Having said that, how many of you think that werewolves will come into play soon? After the scene with Jeremy and Tyler there was a full moon that I believe was meant to be seen. What do you think?

  3. I doubt that its Damon because the shadowy figure was wearing a hoodie and just a few seens before that he was in the woods waiting for Logan and was wearing a leather jacket with no hoodie. So its probably Tyler, or maybe even Stefan maybe her was chasing after her or something.But could it be Sean Faris!?! I dont think they said who he was cast as.

  4. I still don’t think it will be Damon. However, I think that Damon IS going to save her from whatever it is. Hence, convincing her that he is good and she can trust him. That is when i think they will go off together.

  5. Damon + Elena!
    Getting very anxious for the next episode..
    “Damon never lied to her and didn’t’ have sex with her. At least not yet.”
    Interesting.. :)

  6. It can be Tyler he got a ride with Matt…..I am thinking it is a new character, and Demon will save her from what ever it is. I can’t wait till Jan…. I am thinking that Steph fed on ellena that night and it is him who has chased her down to talk to her.

  7. If you read the books, which the show is loosely based off of (I say loosely because they’ve changed a LOT of aspects of it to make it TV worthy), Stefan would NEVER feed on her. And I don’t think they changed that in the show either. It’s one of the principles of everything. I’m excited for the Damon/Elena time, because it means the show is moving on in the direction the books did. After all, the books are about a love triangle.

  8. Hey Jenn, Stefan fed off of Elena all the time in the books. You don’t remember that? She allowed him too, and enjoyed it. It was a HUGE part of the first book.

  9. I agree with what Dwayne said, the whole full moon-out-of-control-anger thing was very was very similar to when Jacob is turning into warewolf in Twilight, it was definetly foreshadowing that their are other supernatural creatures besides the vampires and witches. Also Elena’s brother was reading his dads diary or something and there were some freaky warewolf drawings…both Jeremy and Tyler also sketched some warewolf like things too… do you think that might give us a clue into it too??

  10. If you have read the whole series then you know that Stefan and Elena feed off of each other several times! That is how Stephan is strong enough to fight Damon in a fair fight and also how Elena eventually becomes a vampire! Also yes, werewolves are involved because Tyler is one in the books. I’m wondering if the shadowy figure is somehow tied to Katherine because …SHE’S NOT DEAD!!

  11. Sorry Sorry, you’re totally right about the feeding. Had to refresh my memory. But I don’t think he’s fed off of her yet. It’s a little early. I think he’s chasing her down because well, he figured out exactly why she left. She left her necklace right next to the picture. And it’s been hinted at that she is similar to Katherine, but I don’t think she realized just how much. You’d be a little upset and run away too if you thought your boyfriend was only with you because you looked like his ex. :P

  12. WOW, ok so its probably my own fault. I should know what I am getting myself into when reading a spoiler site. But I was so NOT prepared to spoil the entire series for myself. I mean sure I guessed all of what Tonya said, but guessed is the key word there.

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