Vampire Diaries Spoilers – Julie Plec Dishes on Matt Donovan to EW

Via EW Inside TV Spoiler Room:


We wouldn’t wish suffering on anyone… except for maybe The Vampire Diaries’ Matt Donovan. But that’s only because actor Zach Roerig guts us when he gets teary. TVD exec producer Julie Plec almost got our eyes wet describing how Matt will figure into the season 3 story line that has Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) seeing the ghosts of his dead exes — including Matt’s late sister Vicki (Kayla Ewell).

“Matt is one of the first people to learn Jeremy’s secret, and one of the loves of Jeremy’s life visiting him from beyond the grave is Matt’s sister Vicki, who he never really had complete closure with,” she says. “So he is gonna have, with Jeremy, an emotional journey in this supernatural world as he learns that his sister’s out there and contactable and tries to convince Jeremy to help him get the closure that he’s needed.” (Pause as we “Ahhh” and describe how much we love hurt, confused Matt.) “Yeah, it’s good,” Plec promises.

TVD EP Kevin Williamson has said we’ll get the “climax of the haunting of Jeremy” in October. Plec continued the tease thusly: “We’re gonna have some fun with Vicki and Anna and start to really reveal the secrets of why they’re here, what they want, and who else they have access to from our past.” — Mandi Bierly


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  1. Poor Matt…always left out in the dark until the last minute… at least here in season 3 he will get closure ….but somehow i feel vicki will use matt to reek havoc on mystic falls she needs some connetion and jeremy is to pure to do that so is matt but he is more emotional and there are blood ties there….with original vamp’s need original line of vamp fighters right?

  2. gotta a question who is going to be the witchy boo who klaus and stepan are suppose to meet up with this amazing woman who holds youth in her hands and such charisma, appearently she needs to charm the pants even off of damon..lol . Also strike fear into klaus ….. maye hailey berry she would fit well or an unknown to the acting circle new blood so to speak lol…

  3. It may be Bonnie’s great-cousin. She still works with vampires. She did tell Bonnie she’d see her again..

  4. Скорее бы вышел третий сезон, уже не терпится увидеть, что будет происходить на дне рождении Елены.. что подарит ей Деймон???

  5. Мне кажется, что Деймон приподнесет чудесный сюрприз для Елены…

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