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Thanks to @ShiraRose1 for the heads up. Kristin of E!Online has a few tidbits for us:

aka_savannah: Will this partial werewolf bite kill my poor heart-broken Damon? #TVD
Just from knowing what we know about how TV shows work—like how networks don’t let producers kill off lead male characters—we’re gonna go ahead and say…no, Damon will not die from the werewolf bite.

lauren_delena: Any Damon and Elena finale scoop? Will they finally kiss? Thanks!
We will say that because Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is going crazy over his werewolf bite, he is capable of doing anything and saying anything. All bets are off and anything can happen when an off-his-rocker vampire is on the loose!

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  1. Damon will not die. He is a main character. And if he does do you know how many people will stop watching this show?

  2. damon won’t die. he’s the main character. However Caroline’s mum might try, she knows about them (as u saw on the trailer) sooo exited to watch this episode!

  3. Of course they would not kill damon he’s one of the main characters people love him too much. They just want to keep us in suspense so that we’ll watch next season. Which i definitely will lol!!! and i hope damon and elana kiss. I love them together and hope he really changes next season so she can really fall in love with him.

  4. Well I find it sad that they won’t kill him. Being one of the lead characters or not, they obviously could have brought him back to life in season 3 first episode. I mean Season 5 of Buffy The Vampire slayer, they killed Buffy in the final, that was CRAZY, but she was brought back to life first episode of season six… Talk about amazing cliffhanger!!!

    And might I say I found it funny how the person kinda answered ‘no’ about the Delena stuff?! Sounds to me like they will probably kiss, but it won’t be because Elena wanted it. Which in my opinion isn’t good at all… I prefer no kiss and than a forced one :(

  5. My gosh, finally they say it. It was getting real annoying how everyone thought he would die. The writers aren’t stupid.

  6. I cant wait I heard that Damon and Elena kiss but he is delrious from the bite and he think’s its katherine.

  7. Damon’s not gonna die, he’s the main character.
    I feel like the only Stelena fan here haha. Don’t get me wrong I love Damon and I know he’d do anything to protect Elena but she’s in love with Stefan. Damon should accept that and move on and stop tryna steal his brother’s girl! haha. Damon does deserve happiness though, just not with Elena.

  8. @Katie Shepherd
    I totally disagree with you, Damon is not the main character. He was made main by his fans. The main characters of TVD are Elena and both brothers and Elena is the heroine of the story.

    I’m partial to Stelena, but I’m not a Stelena or Delena fan. But I agree with you that at this point in the series, it’s obvious that she cares more about Stefan and that Damon should remember that if it caused troubles with Katherine he should have learned his lesson. LOL

    Though, I think in here you mostly have Delena fan and Bamon fan (few but there is a couple of them) and usually Bamon fan are all for the Stelena thing!! :p

  9. Well Damon has the connetion of Bonnies so what the Hell on this 2 both on season finale so its going to be a mysterious thing

  10. WHAT AHHH HEELLL?!?!?!!ANNAH AND VICK now i m being SHOCKED right the hell now unless there could be a dream for Jeremy but what if there,s not WWOOOOWWW MENN jjjjjjEEEEERRRREEEEMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  11. Marie please please please so many pleases i want to know what is going to happend in season 3 on the vampire diaries please with Jeremy please?!??!

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