Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Ask Ausiello Scoop!

Ausiello of TV Line has a few tidbits for us. Quite spoilery actually…so beware.

Question: If you give me some Vampire Diaries scoop, I’ll send Courteney Cox back through time to do your make-up and sculpt your lashes again. —Juan

Ausiello: Deal. On Diaries, a recurring male character’s days are numbered.

Question: Rumor has it that Vampire Diaries’ Damon is going to make sexy time with someone whose name is not Elena. Any idea who? —Jill

Ausiello: I have a very good idea who (read: I know, silly), but my lips are zipped. This much I can share: His shag partner is female, she packs a bite, and the encounter is, ahem, rough.


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  1. So who will die? Matt, Bill or an Original or let me guess Jamie?! LOLOLOL

    Who will Damon sleep with? Sage, Katherine, Bekka and it would be earth shattering if it was Caroline!

  2. no..ts a vampire but doesnt mean its Caroline no way…Klaroline only :DD…i think its Katherine..Beh=kah doesnt like Damon….Stefan yes but not Damon lol

  3. i think its Rebekah, after he last kissed katherine he said he wasn’t interested in her anymore.

  4. Kinda hoping it’s Katherine… The we will get another lovely Ian/Nina scene. and Elena would be soooo jaloux!!!! :-)
    It could be Rebekka, but I doubt it, she really doesn’t like him that much.. And it can’t be Caroline because… well that would just be stupid :-P Beside I think Caroline’s got enough men she needs to handle (Matt, Tyler, Klaus ect..) So yaa I’m betting on Katherine – that would be epic!

  5. I dont know why it’s assumed it has to be someone who likes him and vivce versa, I’m pretty sure that whoever it is it’s going to just be meaningless hookup to work out some issues.

  6. My first impression was that Elijah is going to die but then he’s an original…he can only be daggered. Then I saw all of the comments and I’m convinced it’s Bill but I just don’t know he he could die. I mean, if Tyler killed him during the transition then that would be kind of repetitive.

    Anyway, I really hope it’s not Caroline that’s Damon gonna hook up with because that’s just not right. Really hoping that it’s Katherine but some reason I think that someone’s gonna undagger Rebekah…

  7. I would guess it would be Katherine. It doesn’t matter that he told her she didn’t do it for him anymore. That was a lie meant to dig at her and so she wouldn’t get the satisfaction of him caving to her whim. However, it would make sense for him to sleep with her over Rebekah because she looks like Elena and he’s frustrated over whatever goes down at that ball to upset him. I could see him caving to her out of loneliness and her manipulation. Plus she’s been M.I.A. for a while. She’s due to return and Elena would be more jealous of her because of the emotional history. I could only see Rebekah sleeping with him if there was some sort of scheme behind it. Remember he is part of Elena’s group and Elena did dagger her after she helped them.

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