Vampire Diaries – Season 4 Finale – Episode 4.23 – Graduation – Preview Clip #2

This was previously posted as a Facebook exclusive, but the CW has now released this 2nd preview clip for tomorrow night’s season finale! Katherine threatens Elena to Bonnie!

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  1. This show is NOW offically stupid. Season 1 was save Elena from finding out about vampires. Season 2 was save Elena from Klaus. Season 3 was save Elena from Klaus, and then Alaric. Season 4 was save Elena from herself. Now season 5 will be save Elena from the immortal Katherine? I can you base an entire show on one person, one theme. Maybe if Dobrev could act, it would be more bearable to watch.
    I recall Julie Plec saying that some of the choices the writers make are to keep the characters from looking dumb. They spent an entire season trying to kill Klaus and they did not succeed, they spent an entire season trying to keep Elena from dying and she dies anyway, they spent an entire season trying to keep her family and friends safe and everyone dies. Julie Plec did not do a good job keeping her characters from looking dumb. And Bonnie, my God, Elena is the reason your Grams is dead, your mom is a vampire, that you were turned away from the spirits and that you are dead and you are still trying to save her. I hate to say it, but my God, that is just dumb. It’s not her fault (Kat Graham) but as an actor, she can play some of those I forgive you scences with sarcasm. What was the point in killing Grams (Julie Plec said to put a dent in her and Elena’s relationship) if she was only going to forgive her in the end. I am done with VD after this season!! I will not watch the originals for fear it will suffer the same fate.

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