Vampire Diaries Season 3 Insider Predictions via Clevver TV

Robyn Ross of TV Guide stopped the studios at Clevver TV to chat with Joslyn Davis about her predictions for The Vampire Diaries Season 3. Do you agree or disagree with any of her predictions? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for posting this interview. She had some interesting thoughts. I’m intrigued about the vampire hunter that we saw in the 20’s flashback. I guess he’d have to be some sort of immortal if we are going to soon see him in present day Mystic Falls. Maybe he is the original father who was betrayed by Klaus’ mother? I was taken by surprise when she said that if any major character would be killed off it would be Bonnie. I hadn’t thought of this at all. I was more thinking Alaric because his ring seems to be not responding so fast. Anyhow, I enjoyed watching this clip. Thank you again.
    Cheers, Lisa

  2. first of all is stefan and elena the heart of the show or is stefan and damon’s relationship the heart of the show? all a matter of opinion. i would say stefan and damon’s relationship trump the stelena crap cuz damon’s journey back to his humanity due 2 his love 4 elena pulls at just as many heart strings as whatever stelena have been giving us. i am more interested in seeing if damon at some point can ever get love in return after becoming vulnerable enough to let his walls come down and allow himself 2 trust in someone again after being 2nd fiddle 2 stefan always. not interested in the theme of stefan always getting the girl or always being considered more worthy than damon. the true heart of the show 2 me is elena being in love with both stefan and damon and what this means to stefan and damon’s relationship whether this time the brothers don’t let the woman they both love come between them or 1 brother sacrifices their love of her for the other. so far both brothers have done this. damon with his 1st love confession than making elena 4get 4 both her and stefan , and stefan 4 sacrificing himself 4 damon so in a way stefan has already put damon b4 elena and damon doing the same 4 stefan saying stefan is more deserving of elena’s love which that alone shows me is complete bullshit. in the end elena could chose 2 bb alone but that would be such an injustice 2 the viewers. i guess i would just truely love 2 see damon see that it might take 150 years but he 2 is worthy of true love and acceptance and would love 4 stefan to say that he now understands that damon is the 1 deserving of elena’s love understanding that if he truely owned all of elena’s heart she would have never had room in there 2 fall in love with damon and what they had was what they both needed at the time but they r no longer the same people they were when the fell in love.

  3. I think the love triangle is the heart of the show. If you remove Stefan, something is missing. If you remove Damon, something is missing. It takes the three of them to make this magical! I think both brothers are good for Elena in different ways, and she’s good for each of them in different ways.

    I don’t agree with Bonnie dying. I think she’s a MAJOR player in this show and it would be a horrible shame if they took her out of the picture.

    Damon and Elena hookup: I don’t think it will happen this season, if at all. I think it’s the thing that keeps the fans hanging on. I think there may be a makeout moment…but I don’t think it would go any further than that.

  4. well if thats the case it tvd putting the nails in their own coffin with using damon and elena’s story for keeping the majority watching only 2 really give us nothing in return. so if u know what keeps MOST people watching why would you in the end piss off and disappoint them with a stelena ending. sounds like when all is said and done ur epic show will be remembered 4 being an epis tease and failure. epic stupidity.

  5. I agree with Grace. Without getting into a shipper battle, there are so many shows that tease with relationships and this rarely works as people end up getting bored and losing interest. Whatever happens I hope they don’t send Damon backwards, I want to see him develop further and become the “good guy” and get the love he deserves whether it be with Elena or someone else..I am hoping Elena. They have put so much groundwork into them and it looks like they may get together in the end but hope they don’t damage his character to delay the process. I don’t like how they have Elena loving both, I hope ultimately that she choses one soon and they put Damon with someone who deserves him. Teasing won’t keep fans happy for long and once interest is lost it’s not easy it getting back


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