Vampire Diaries Scoop – Spoiler Chat From WWK

Here’s a little Dalaric scoop from WWK’s Spoiler Chat:

Britney in Dallas, Texas: I’m so over Stelena and Delena on The Vampire Diaries. Please tell me we will see more Dalaric!

You can rest easy because we will be seeing plenty of Damon and Alaric teaming up in season two. We asked the show’s very own Buffy (spin-off idea: Alaric The Vampire Slayer!) Matt Davis, about the unlikely duo’s partnership and here’s what he told us: “Our bromance is definitely developing. You’ll see much more of that for sure. I love Ian to pieces and I love working with him and I think our chemistry as friends and the way Kevin and Julie write the two of them together, just the archetypes of the two characters together I think fit really well.” If that wasn’t cute enough for you, Matt recently tweeted a picture of the duo’s nifty supernatural rings with the caption, “Wonder Twin power unite in shape of a bromance!!!” Um, I die.

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