Vampire Diaries Scoop From The Big Tease and Mega Buzz

We’ve got a little more scoopage to share from Fancast and TV Guide. They’re talking Damon nookie, Jeremy lovin’, a Bonnie groupie and why Katherine shouldn’t buy any green bananas? Check it!

Via The Big Tease:

You offered to elaborate on your NY Comic-Con tweets about ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Any ideas on who Damon will bed, and who Jeremy’s love interest will be? – Tammy

After ‘TVD’ EP Kevin Williamson told me that Damon will get some nookie, I asked if it will be with someone currently on the canvas. Alas, I couldn’t tell if Kevin’s headshake meant “It is not someone we know” or “No, I will not tell you” – so I’ve got bupkus there. As for Jeremy’s love life, “You can expect a dabble with a capital D,” teased EP Julie Plec. “And possibly with somebody we already know.”

What did you mean when you Tweeted that ‘Vampire Diaries‘ Katherine shouldn’t buy any green bananas? Tell us more! – PaulaEdgar via Twitter

What I meant is that the preview reel played at Comic-Con showed Damon & Co. fortifying themselves with all manner of stakes, bows and spiked knuckles, in the name of taking down the nasty dame. Julie Plec, though, had this to tell me about their mission: “Anybody who thinks they’ve got a bead on Katherine is going to be sorely mistaken. I will say that in what they do, they learn just how diabolical she really is and the lengths she’s willing to go to. And yet when all is said and done, there’s a slight element of victory.”

Via Mega Buzz:

Doesn’t it seem like everyone knows everyone’s secrets on The Vampire Diaries? I wish there were more “innocents” in the cast now. — William

MICKEY: Well, I’ve got bad news, William. There’s going to be a new guy in Mystic Falls soon, and to paraphrase the bard Spears, he’s not that innocent. He’s a huge fan of the dark arts — and specifically, he knows an awful lot about the Bennett family. Put another way, Bonnie is getting a groupie, and she’s not happy about it at all!

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  1. I absolutely agree with William about the “innocents”. I was convinced that Caroline would be one of those characters that would always be human and would never know the secret. Obvs I was wrong, but it’s still cool storyline — re-enforces the theme of how being a vampire is kind of like a “curse” and it adds drama… Except I feel so bad for her.. and Matt!! <3

    I thought Matt would never know either but maybe he'll find out….

    honestly! you never know whats coming!!

  2. i don’t know why, but i keep thinking jeremy and bonnie will have something going on.
    she could be the one we already know, but perhaps she’s too old for him?
    there aren’t too many possibilities for him, just sarah, amy, and bonnie.

  3. well, aimee and sara are just randoms. like sara was only in one episode…and aimee 2…and by Steven McQueen’s (TERRIBLE) poker face, lol, I think it’s Bonnie. :)

  4. Yeah, @kimberly, and @k, it’s bonnie and someone new to town. i think he’s like a sophmore and elena/bonnie are juniors? maybe seniors, can’t really tell

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