Vampire Diaries First Look: Cassidy Freeman & Ian Somerhalder in Episode 3.16 “1912”

Thanks to TV Guide, we have our first look from upcoming episode 3.16 titled “1912”. They spoke with Cassidy Freeman about her character Sage. Also, we are informed that this episode will air 3 weeks after next week’s episode “All My Children” on March 15th.

In the March 15 Vampire Diaries episode — a flashback to 1912 — Freeman plays Sage, a bloodsucker with ties to the Originals, as well asIan Somerhalder‘s Damon. “She [is] really aware of what being a vampire is and owns it,” says Freeman, who says it “has been a dream to play a vampire” and that she was “jumping for joy” when she got the part. Sage will also resurface in modern-day Mystic Falls with a murky agenda. “She comes back for good reasons, but she is [out] for herself.”


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  1. I love Cassidy Freeman, great actress, but they should seriously focus onto the characters they already have instead of bringing new ones. I think the new characters are out-numbering the main cast this season. It’s crazy! LoL

  2. Totally agree, they have barely done a thing with Matt besides rough him up a couple times a season and we get more new characters. Ugh.

    So much for JP saying Sage was not for Damon because she was part of a flashback. I hate that they lie. Be evasive, tease, but do NOT lie to fans. They do it all the time.

  3. I thought it was samantha Gilbert who Julie Plec said only appeared in flashbacks and wasn’t for Damon. I don’t think she said anything about Sage. I think they do say things that are purposely meant to make us think something different all the time though. (Like how they keep saying Caroline won’t give in to Klaus right away, when clealy she’s softened a bit already)

  4. Check old posts, it ws Samantha that was flashback only. Sigh. I guess all the Delena stuff was pointless filler until Stefan was good again. Ok, so how long until Stef gets his thumb out of his butt and realizes he is punishing Elena because he bit her and they make up? There is no point in the writers pretending there is a triangle, Elena only wants Stefan and Damon gets every girl but her…that is not a triangle. That is s romance with a side of unrequited love and I don’t want my time wasted by it.

  5. @Melissa I wouldn’t be surprised if that was it for DE (for now anyway). I’m sure we’ll see more stuff here and there, but I’m still sticking by what I said after seeing the first episode in January, that kiss was just there to calm down the diehard DE fans before going back to SE. LoL Anyway at this point in the series, I’m on the verge of being annoyed by anything romantic on the show. Everything goes too fast, girls jumping from one guy to another, I pretty much dread the episodes with romantic stuff in them. ;)

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