Vampire Diaries Episode 8.16 “I Was Feeling Epic” Episode Stills

We now have a full set of episode stills for the series finale “I Was Feeling Epic”. Would love to know your thoughts on what’s going on in these! Can’t believe it’s almost the end…*sad face*


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  1. Iam guessing Steroline is going to try to get married but doesnt quite make it or maybe they do & stefan dies idk but iam so rooting for Klaroline bc i would LOOOOOVVE to see candice accola & Joseph Morgan work closely together again on #TheOriginals bc their chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS!! But i really dnt wanna see stefan get a crap deal either so idk i have mixed emotions on that. Anyway the pic of stefan & Damon is a pep talk or damon telling stefan his diabolical plan.lol.😃 Elena is trying to make sense of what she has missed/whats going on & HOPEFULLY BONNIE IS SUCCESSFULLY PRACTICING MAGIC AGAIN!!!! (OMG CHILLS) Caroline & Bonnie seem to be having a heart to heart & im not sure what to make of the ambulance.😉 Iam Just so excited about this i cannot believe the end is ALMOST HERE!!! #BITTERSWEET

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