Vampire Diaries – Episode 5.04 – For Whom the Bell Tolls – Preview

Check out the preview for next week’s episode! Wow…I am just in complete shock from the events that unfolded on tonight’s episode! One of the best episodes yet! Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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  1. I think I need to watch tonight’s epi 10 more times to get it straight! Omfg
    I guess Quetsiah/Tessa said there were more doppelgängers of both Kat/Elena and Stefan like the one before Kat that was used in the ritual to supress Klaus’s werewolf gene. So we assume the Original witch Esther knew this? It’s all so crazy!!! And I totally called the cure being in Kat’s blood. What I want to know is if she can only cure Silas’s immortality or can any vamp be cured that drinks her blood. Also…why doesn’t Quetsiah (who is one crazzzzy bitch witch btw) just make another friggin vial of the cure and shove it up Silas’s ass? Lol

  2. I’m not sure I’m understanding. I know they want the triangle to continue but I still don’t understand why stefan and elena are the ones supposed to be together. Katherine would be the first in line….and she’s still alive. So shouldnt the odds be in their favor?

  3. Yeah it should be. They didn’t go into much detail asto why katherine would be just hanging around without a stefan declared destiny. Hummm…she said she cares about him and always has. Maybe stefan is supposed to warm up to katherine. Poor Damon. I don’t see why he never gets a break. I’m kindof worried about the next episode. Stefan and elena seem to kiss but I’m sure there is more to the story than that.

  4. And pardon me if i interupting in this moment but scense when they have a contact with the United Kindom in the Syfy i would gladly wanted to know what is going on please i very much wanted to know because i m staring to get Jellous if you don’t tell me please

  5. I’m wondering if the doppelgängers need to be human for destiny to be fulfilled. When one is a vampire perhaps it messes it up somehow.
    PS I’d like to recant my previous comment under the sneak peek clip where Damon and Elena were in bed and I said for him to grow up. I never should have doubted my boy. He manned up in this epi to save his bro and for Elena when he told her what Quetsiah told him out her destiny with Stefan. He’s come a long way and I’ll always love him. Lollllll

    Can’t wait for the recap!!!!

  6. I love t he character of Damon because you never know what he will do. AN D If he does something wrong he always does it out of love. My favorite character on t.v. always. I love how honest he is with elena in this episode. I love how natural they look as a couple. They are going to have to fight a lot for thier relationship this season givin by what Tessa said. Next episode looks fishy. I wonder if tessa doed something to them. Stefan and elena should not be.kissing

  7. @katerina that’s exactly what I was thinking if she is so damn strong why can’t she just re-make the cure!? And Im woundering why kluas hasn’t tried to round Kat up to make more of his hybrids? Cannot wait to see Elena fall for Stefan all over again just kindda sucks he don’t remember anything from their past Kindda bitter sweet if ya ask me.

  8. @samantha R… Now that I am thinking about it Quetsiah doesn’t want Silas to take the cure because then if he dies he goes on to be with Amoura (however u say her name). So she wants Kat in order to kill her whereas Silas wants her cuz the cure is in her blood. So that’s why she wouldn’t make another cure. Right? Lol
    And I bet Quetsiah does bring Bonnie back…maybe Ric and Lexi can sneak back too!!! :)

  9. What an episdoe…
    I am loving this season more then I thought I would. The character growth this season is fantastic. The triangle is still there but in such a different way. I thought for a bit that Stefan was going to be a ripper, but so glad he isn’t.
    Was NOT expecting it to be Quetsiah. or for her to erase his memory.
    I too am loving how honest Damon is being with Elena about everything. If they have any hope of lasting a little while at least he is being honest.
    Katherine being the cure is a great twist, and can’t wait to see her bunking with Caroline. That should be entertainment at its finest.

    But there is definately more to this whole Tessa/Silas thing then we know right now.
    Can’t wait for next week.

  10. @katerina rite I’m thinking she could pay Stefan back at the end though by curing him? Ya Neva know what these writers are gonna for next!? :-)

  11. There is oh so much more to this story than I can even begin to guess!:) great job to the writers and the cast!

  12. @Samantha R….you’re right! We never know. Sometimes we predict something and get it right but there’s always a twist! I have to re watch before Mak does the recap cuz this epi was as crazy as Quetsiah herself!

  13. I don’t know how I feel about this episode….I have major anxiety in my tum just trying to digest everything that happened in “Original Sin”. The doppleganger mythology is becoming every confusing. I love TVD, don’t get me wrong….have been a loyal tried-and-true fan from the start…but I worry things are becoming kinda ‘unbelievable’. Like saying these versions of Stefan and Elena have fallen in love over and over (according to Tessa anyway)….I just don’t like that…it feels weird to me. I feel like when you have to watch an episode 10 times or more to understand what is happening….it is poor storytelling. I still love TVD and will continue to be a loyal fan as I always have, but I hope they clear things up….or better yet get moving with professor ‘creepy’ and the connection w/ Elena’s father to Whitmore….and allowing Delena time w/out the guilt of hurting Stefan. Hate that!!

  14. Wow got TVD I’m glad to see there bringing in twists like gypsies and finding more about doppelgänger a the downfall is there are two petrovia alive now so how’s that going to play out for love. It seems too me that Elena might be more Silas type not that he’s hers but he loved the first one and it seems Elena was like her more so than Katherine.. I think Tessa is going to be an interesting character but I will say if Elena goes to kissing Stefan already I’ll be way grossed and pray both brothers run cuz it’s bad enough that she sleeping with brothers but to bounce back and forth ewww. Team Salvatore lol.. Really excited for this storyline hope they play it out. And at Samantha I agree with where’s klaus trying to get hybrids but then maybe he doesn’t know Katherine is human..

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