Vampire Diaries – Episode 5.04 – For Whom the Bell Tolls – Extended Preview

The CW has released the extended preview for next week’s episode “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Not the Camaro!!!


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  1. @jade oh yeah its totally fishy, but iam a stelena fan all the way so I say hell yeah! How is that an extended preview man!? That’s no different from what I seen on TV Thursday! :) Iam happy that the writers decided to push stelena back together but I have mixed feelings on the subject “HE DOESNT REMEBER THIER PAST!” Hello does anyone else have a problem w/ this!? That’s what made them such an iconic couple. They had history now he has no memory idk its weird for me man. Hopefully the writers dnt change stefans character too much? Cannot wait to see all the twists and turns they have in store!:-)

  2. Yes she is compelled but Tessa did say they screwed with the balance by drinking the elixir so maybe… but if Elena is just following Silas plan then there is always Kat? Lol. Although she maybe human now but she’s still Katherine so I really dnt see Stefan falling for her! Bahahahaha… idk. We will see ..

  3. @Cyber-X, Okay… so yeah we were told about how ketsia loved Silas a man who looks exactly like Stefan (yet another doppelganger) he Burns her so…what, now she’s just gonna settle for someone who looks just like him (Silas) instead!? Whom BTW conveniently doesn’t remember shit! “That’s more katerinas style isn’t it?”:-):-):-) IDK its one theory. And I could totally see the writers going that way, but that’s not what I predict …stay tuned!!

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