Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.17 – Because the Night – Preview Clip #2

The CW has released another preview for Thursday’s episode 4.17 “Because the Night”. Damon, Elena and Rebekah smiling and having fun with each other???


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  1. I love that Damon is back to the way his character used to be. He isn’t trying to protect Elena anymore he is trying to get her to have some fun and embrace who they are. And then maybe she will care again.
    Wierd to see this trio having fun. But I think I like it.

  2. Elena and Bex do have good friend vibe. I guess if Elena has no feelings, she doesnt care Bex killed her and Ric.

  3. According to the way he said Lexi worked was that in order to start feeling again you needed to enjoy yourself?

  4. looks like Elena is now with the originals so it means that she is now the sister of Lucifer,s Devil taking everyone Life away sadly that stupid Moron

  5. I love seeing a bad Elena! It’s so interesting ! It looks like this new trio is having a lot of fun! DELENA

  6. Elena and Rebekah having fun together this is so weird but I think Im liken it?!?

  7. Back before Bex couldn’t get over the knife in the back, I really wanted her to be the friend that introduced the word into boring Elena’s vocabulary. It is weird now considering everything that happened between them, but I would rather see Elena hang out with Bex than with Caroline.

  8. Me too Melissa, I like the idea of a Bex/Elena friendship.

    Elena supposidly has a plan that she fills Rebekah in on…. It probably has something to do with finding the cure, but I wonder what Elena would actually do with the cure if she found it. I find it hard to believe that she would take it after all that has happened.

    For me the only thing they can do with the cure is feed it to Silas and kill him. But I am sure the cure saga will continue into next season….. Can’t wait to watch tonights episode.

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