Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.08 – We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street – Preview Clip

The CW has released a new preview clip for next week’s episode “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”. Stefan fills Damon in on his theory about Elena…


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  1. there’s that word EPIC again….ummmmm Damon knows that look in his eyes when Stefan said “she almost died listening to you” JUST SAYING YOU DELANA FAN’S……………….

  2. He (Stefan) let her die because she asked him to save one of her best friends, and not to make her a monster so he (Damon) can be right. I wonder Elenas how many friends and relatives dies before Damons hotness lose it’s weight. Lets see atempts (mean is he would killed if someone didnt stop him) and kills: Caronine twice (and assault), Bonye, Tyler, Carolines father, Bonie’s grandmother, Jenna, Elena’s father (twice), Jeremy (thank God for the ring), Lexy, Vicki, Matt, Elenas mother becoming a vampire, and he is still hot. These were anprovoked killings (some of it indirect but still he was the cause), not for selfdefense, not because compulsion, not to save somebody. Almost forget, turning Elena agaist her will twice (1: Gilbert journal grave sene trethening Stefan, 2: Klaus curse breaking). I dont mention the spinelessnes to trying to steal yor brothers girlfriend (Katheine, Elena) first just to piss him of, then out of pure selfishness, not careing about even Elenas feelings. Even if someone loves hes or her siblings lover have an obligation to stay in silence till the relationship is over and not to do anything to brake them up. I have to ad that he always try to stop Elena to do wathever she thought was right, and with Damons moral he is not fit to do that.
    Even Damon confessed he doesent deservs Elena, that he canot be the man she want him to be, and i agree 100%.
    Stefan saved many of the main caracters (so many times i cant remember, even Damons), mostly from Damon, and he deserves nothing because he is not your tipe.
    Waiting for Caroline to hook up with the evil Klaus once again because he is hot and have bitish accent.

    WATH IS WRONG WITH YOU?????????????????????????????????????????? IT IS DISGUSTING
    In Elenas place i would killed Damon long ago.

  3. damon has done some bad stuff but he had also done good things, it doesnt compensate but still. sometimes people just see the bad things in people. and stefan isnt a saint either

  4. Dear B:

    Yep Damon being Hot is enough reason for me…. Nothing is wrong with me, Fictional Characters have to be exactly like Damon Salvatore!

  5. Replying to B….. your chronicling the story is commendable and you make a valid point …… and Sarah in replies to B’s comment…..um watch your language no need to take this personally…this is a story made for T.V…….. I would hate to see you in real life crisis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, please watch language guys, and personal attacks on others for their opinions is not tolerated as well, so comments like that will be deleted.

  7. I never meant to attack anyone thats why i didnt write names.

    Without words i cannot tel my opinion. Tell me how you can feel “disgusted” without saying that word..i will not use that from now on (i’m sincere that i won’t mock anyone)
    Dont be worried about me im qute allright :)
    Its not that i don’t like to watch Ian and Nina together in one bed, but why can’t be that Kathrine. The thing is i’m not botherd by Damons personality,because i love half bad half good boys, they even can be in love with the epic heroine, but in real good stories, they know she is not meant for them.
    If you seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer in season seven Spike has no other way to honor Buffy than dying for the greater cause, it is still heartbreaking when Buffy says she loves him and he responded that you are lying but thanks for saying. I swear i cryed….
    You can have half bad half good boys and still be true to the personality of the characters portrayed…

    You can’t have a person that good like Elena that make her ovelook the suffering of others to have a hot boyfriend. Even Caroline wasn’t this shallow in season one.

    And don’t tell me Elena is being insensitive is because she is a vampire, or either if Caroline changed for the better she can be too, her compassionate should be magnified, not wiped out. She should said for Damon that she want to be with him but can’t because what he did in the past

    it is just an opinion of me. Don’t be offended by that…

  8. As first, sorry for my bad English :) As second, must tell that I wached again and again the last scene and enjoyed very much (Damon and Elena) :D

  9. Sorry! You alredy deleted the other comment and i thought you ment it for me.
    Sorry once again.:)

  10. hey guys i heard Julie Plec said that ”The sire bond doesn’t impact emotions, love or sex.” (i dont know if its true I read it on a comment at youtube)….but if it is…WOW!!…delena its comming! (literally…if u know what i mean =p)

  11. all i have to say is i like a little change and i want to see elena change and be a little bad and to B u hate elena and damon being together yet you want caroline and klaus and klaus was far worse than damon and you think hes hot and because he has a british accent?? just curious sorry some pple just like chemistry between characters better than others. me personally i like a salvatore brother sandwich but each is to there own and im just saying sometimes pple do bad things and they dont always mean to. but it is a show and for the crazy stelena and delena just remember its just a show. get out and make your own sexiness. lol

  12. and another thing to B as far as buffy goes you cried when spike died and i get that i like buffy and spike but he did try to rape her and that is something that was very bad and she still loved him so reference to damon and all he has done to elena its terrible but pple can forgive horrible things. and you said even you cried so you should be able to understand why pple like certain characters it just happens and i think elena really loves damon she might love stefan more but she does love damon she did before she changed yes the sire bond is intense but i dont think it forces pple to want to sleep with them unless commanded which he never did. i think everything was magnified i mean seriously tyler was grateful but he didnt want to hump klaus lol he had his own mind unless klaus asked him to do something then is when i saw the sire bond in effect. pple have to realize elena is changed being a vamp and is more confident and not letting what other pple think invade her thoughts to cause doubts. caroline was insecure and now shes confident and she good but damon was soft hearted before he died then he changed to a more diabolical self along with stefan he had a big heart and thats he greatest weakness makes him a ripper. all im saying is each vamp is to there own.

  13. @tink88
    You got it wrong, when i write that Caroline Klaus part the “what is wrong with you” (for those who want them together) meant for that part too just like Damon-Elena. It is creept me out too that people want that man for Caroline, i should used question mark to make it clear, sorry.
    By the way hes bodycount is far less than Damons

  14. @tink88
    About the Buffy-Spike thing:) every time they were together begun like rape, that night she were in bad shape and Spike just didn’t realise that cause he don’t have a soul wich is no excuse, the point was that he know what he did was wrong, that he was no good for her even he got his own soul for her, but because of the soul he realise he cant be wit her because of the past, and Buffy know he is right about that. What he did to her he did to her so she can forgive that as she see fit, but Damon hurt mostly Elena’s friends if they forgive him she can too but as long as she care about them she can’t if they don’t. Only those can grant forgiveness whose suffered.

    It is refreshing to discuss my thoughts with someone who can do it calmly despite the disagreement so we have something to talk about :) thanx for that

  15. @B its just a show lol I’m not into screaming at pple for choosing what they like each is of there own.. But I will say I rthink stefans body count is higher when damon took elena to convince stefan to come home I saw that wall pretty clear there were thousands of names and damon I’m sure is right up there but I think stefan takes the lead. And some of the vitems that damon went after he didn’t get the job done lol. They came back to life. Not saying what he did was right but stefan lovers which I happen to be have to admit he did have that bad period and prolly killed thousands which I’m thinking was a lot more than damon did to damon has some control with blood he might have serious freak out crazy moments but he does ok with blood. And of course I like damon too honestly neither brothers should be with elena if were going with morals and such they both did her wrong and did unforgivable things even if one brother was worse which damon I believe was shouldn’t matter if ur going off morals and such neither should get the girl they were both bad. So blaming one brother for something to make a point so that stefan and elena are to be together or damon and elena is wrong because if morals r the judge then neither deserve her. Pple who argue bout which brother was worse always makes me laugh neither brother was perfect but its a show and I love it I do want elena to be with damon now because I’m ready to see her change and she will with damon I do want her to get back with stefan also pple can call me whatever but its a show lol and everyone has fantsy and two hott brothers well if ya can’t have it that’s why there’s TV

  16. I ment the bodycount for Elenas friends and their families. The bodycount part ment for Klaus vs Damon: Klaus killed only Jenna and Elena. The attempt murder counts too because he would have killed them if someting not hapend (mostly Stefan saveing)
    Damon likes to kill people so i don’t care how they don’t show how many he killed im shure it is more (not because he is Damon because he likes to kill). Stefan has a few decades being “sober” so in that time Damon i am sure fetch up.
    Stefan try to do right by his decision while Damon fakeing just for Elena (the girl on the road when he cofesses he likes to kill)
    This is a vampire show so yes i give pass too for some killing, that is why i consider who is being killed and why, that is why i don’t blame Damon killing Alaric for the first time because it can be self defense even if Alaric was no mach for him he could make attempt and succeed later. Damon turned on his emotions because Katherine duped him and because of that he started to feel he loves Elena who is still second in line. Stefan wanted to be good because he wanted to, and for me it is respectable as specialy the unconfortableness of drinking animals blood and risking his life because he is weaker than others and get killed because of it. He didn’t took humans blood when he wanted to take on Damon in season 1. In my book that is good moral if we consider that this is a vampire story. Stefan didn’t turn of his humanity when Klaus make him be a ripper even that he suffered greatly and it would be easyer for him. He refused the compulsion when Klaus wanted him to kill Elena, than tryed to refuse it when he wanted him to turn of his emotions. Stefan wanted to leave no mater how much he loves her, only stayed because she loved him and couldn’t be able to leave, he told that to Caroline. He always wanted the best for her, always respected her decisions (even losing her), put her needs first, put her frientds needs before his, put his brothers before his because he didn’t keep Elena away from him that was Elenas chose.
    Why you wnat her to change mostly out of character. There is Katherine if this kind of personality is interest you.
    I like Katherine with Damon they go good together. Have i ever blame Kathrine for anything, no because that is her character and Stefan who is mostly good rejects her for who she is, and what she has done, and he hates her like he should, no metter how she looks like.

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