Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.08 – We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street – Preview Clip #2

The CW has released another preview clip for this week’s episode 4.08 “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”. Elena asks Caroline and Bonnie over to the Salvatores for a “Girls Night”.


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  1. Look how unstressed (compared to usual) Elena is about her problems just because she with Damon! DELENA!!!!

  2. Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this happy. I know some will say its all because of the site bond thing but I believe that love does this to you. You’ll achieve a new level of tollerance :D
    DELENA ftw.

  3. Yeah, her every problem solves by haveing sex with Damon. She can’t even lay eyes on him without runing after him like a golden retriver she should dye her hair (Even Damon ashemed by their relationship, he didn’t go to them). They can be at Bonies or Caronines on that girls night. You can kill me if she can stay away from Damon for a whole night.

  4. It is nice to see her smile so much whatever the reason.
    I wonder why they are making Caroline so judgemental of everyone ??? She who had a date and actually enjoyed her time with the villians of all villians….. she is coming off as majorily hypocritical.

    Wonder what Elena admits that gets tempers going at the slumber party? That she slept with Damon maybe.

  5. @kate
    Was it nice when she was happy because of Stefan? Of corse not he is not your tipe so please stop pretending it is have to do anything with Elena being happy, you sad it is nice because she happy because of haveing sex with Damon. I don’t care either why i smiling, it can be a dead puppy or a planecrash (sarcasm).

    I bet Caroline never forgets who she speaking with. It is a great asset to have somebody who can fooling around with Klaus (it is proven before). Even it is beneficial to have him feel for her because it might restrain him in the future in a critical moment. Klaus is realy not that bad cause he has everything he wanted and sinse nobody stands in his way. He could have killed many caracter out of temper but he didn’t not when he tretend with it the company (not that it is erase the bad in the past). He even could compel her to be his girlfriend easily (let me think for a moment who did that to her last time…).

  6. B- sorry you seem to really hate this Damon/Elena part of the story so much… I am loving the drama and yes loving Elena being happy. Who wouldn’t be happy after having hot vamp sex with Damon LOL. I actually loved Elena and Stefans story, and still love Stefan but after the writers showed us the other side to Stefan, and I actually enjoy his character more when he is not obsessed with being “good” all the time. I really didn’t care if it was Damon that Elena ended up with next, but it sure does make for some steamy tv and interesing dynamics.

    And to say Klaus isn’t that bad? REally? He is the reason for Elena and STefans troubles from the very start. He can easily be blamed for ruining their lives. Killing Jenna, compelling Stefan which basically pushed Damon and Elena together. Of course he could have killed lots of people but if he did that we wouldn’t have a show to watch. He is pretty bad, but love him anyway, and wouldn’t want to see TVD without this character.

  7. @kate
    I sad that he isn’t taht bad SINCE HE GOT WHAT HE WANTED AND NOBODY STAND IN HIS WAY. Please don’t pick words out from the whole sentence. He acted on his personality (IMO Stefan got of easy after he screwed over Klaus). I don’t mind evil, i mind if a character changes personality (not a simple change like Charolines) just to have sex with who ever the fans want (i don’t care what hapend in the books). For example i would mind less if Elena date Elijah, because aside the treachery when he saved Klaus to get back his family, he is an honorable man, respectable, with qualities that matches with Elenas.
    About Stefan. He isn’t obsessed with being good he was good when he was alive, he try his best to be good in his whole vampire existence and not just fakeing it for Elena, and he will try to do good after she (or the fans) is done with him.
    You know what would make me happy? If evil won’t be so popular so we can’t have a single good character because the writers worry he/she wouldn’t be loved. I long for the times when storyes like Lord of the rings, or Star Wars were successes. These storyes were interesting enough without the aspect that who fu*ks whom (sorry for the dirty talk, it was necessary). Storyes nowdays don’t care about true love because the characters won’t be able to hope one hot guy or girl to another. Even they try to sell us true feelings, but if they lasting too long it gets boring and fans losing interest so they have to brake them pu so we can see anoter hot couple haveing sex on the screen. Porn directors actersses and actors could do better jobs so anyone can see hot couples haveing sex, and we others have the chance to watch believable storyes.

  8. B- Lets talk about what we like about the show. :) :)

    I love this show and it is just that to me, a show. I love speccing about it and seeing the twists that always come on every episode of this show. I like being wrong about what I was thinking would happen and what did happen. The way the characters do sincerely care about one another but they are all plagued by this curse that drives them to do things that maybe shock us and make us go WTF? LOL

    There is a spoiler out about a death in the fall finale? Any guesses who it is? It is said it is someone we have known since season 1? I say Tylors mother. But that is such a guess cause I dont want to see any of the characters I love leave.

    please dont take any of my posts as attacks or me being rude because I really love talking about the show and you obviously do to. And this is all in fun for me. Hope you are having a good day. :)

  9. I feel bad for Stefan… Prediction: Damon persuades her to have a girls night while he and stefan go to Neworleans:) ..and the sired little puppy elena does what he says!

  10. @kate
    You are one of the most polite ones i realy enjoy sharing my thoughts with you.
    I realy like the atmosphere of the show, the lightless scenes have a realy good working mood.
    I like the emotional load of the episodes, although sometimes it is too owerlaoaded, in a sence if somethig that tuching, soo crushig it should take more time to pass (i don’t mean just the last breakup, this is an overall note). When a character go through a period like that disapears like Bony sometimes, it is not that good. The evolvment is too suden sometimes like Charoline whe she learn to controll herself.
    The show is well action packed, so it not become boring but it is a little predictable when they investigate through two episod then shurely followed by action, death ect.
    Because of the bodycount at least partialy forget taht it started out a high school soap opera wich wasn’t too compeling for me. It is at least as cruel and bloody like True Blood just they don’t use bucket for blood and noodity for every sceen opening.
    I am a bit bugged about that every character desription started out like soooo hooooot. They should widen the aperance range, not only perfectness is seductive. Not only grangperants should be over their thirties.

  11. You guys PLEASE refrain from attacking each other personally. Snide remarks are hurtful. Any comments like that will be deleted…I would do it now. But I’m on the road right now.

  12. Hey B – I am Team Stefan…all the way…have been since Episode 1…remember that when Damon reiterated his desire to bring Stefan a lifetime of misery. :) Anyway, I’m Team Stefan, my two best friends are firmly Team Damon & even they think the whole Elena/Damon thing is a bit disgusting. There’s love triangles & then there’s hooking up with 2 brothers. That’s just well, gross!!! While I would like to see Damon happy, I don’t get why it has to come at the expense of his brother. Couldn’t he just find his own girl? We all Damon gets around, so that in itself should kind of gross Elena out…I mean you are taking Caroline’s sloppy seconds & Damon’s taking Stefan’s. I think all of this being done to satisfy the Delena fan base. I’ve read way too many comments over the course of the last 3 years not to believe that’s true. They all hate on Stefan so bad, it’s horrible. The Elena we all know wouldn’t be so blase about what Jeremy’s going through…case in point…from the clip – “Are you ok, Elena?” “Why wouldn’t I be?” Oh, IDK, maybe because your brother wants to kill you. My friends give me crap about Stefan all the time & I dish it out to them as well, but it’s all in good fun. I love all of these characters.

  13. @LOVETVD
    You have a few good point, although, Damon wasn’t Caroline’s boyfriend, he just tortured and violated her while used her for his agendas and to get access to Elena to hurt Stefan. So we can’t really say he is her ex. But the other you mentioned is really right. By the way it is rare that somebody didn’t had former relationships, so every one is a sloppy second:):)
    I wish for Damon a love interest by its own right, for something that is true, and fit for him, not just appearance, because her other traits sure don’t attracts Damon. I guess he wouldn’t be able to tell why he loves Elena, because they don’t share the same value (Stefan at least told Lexi why he wants her). Damon can’t say a single thing that is mach. That is go for Elena too. The sad “little” unaccepted, misuderstood brother and feel pity for him isn’t enough.

  14. Honestly d show is becoming boring and at the same time intresting.Caroline now a relationship judge,klaus now a crazy lover,jeremy now a problem,elena now damon girl,stefan now nothing,nd bonnie now a dependent shane puppy.isn’t the show not bcoming intresting?lol

  15. I think it is very boring because aside the Connor thing the characters are just bickering with each other since Elena turned, and the conclusion is that none of them gives a s**t abut the other.

  16. @LOVETVD
    I agree with you 100%. They all hate on Stefan like its his fault that his big bro loves his girl. That is just gross to me, shame on Damon, (but then these are Vampires, probably no morals??)
    I think Elena will come around by the end of the season that Stefan is her epic love.
    Otherwise I love TVD, twists, turns and all. Keep bringing it on.

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