Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.21 – Before Sunset – Producer’s Preview

Once again, Julie Plec previews tonight’s episode “Before Sunset”. *Spoiler Alert* for those wanting to remain spoiler-free.


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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They will obviously go and kill my beautiful love Kol. Like seriously I’m rooting for Elijah here. Cause obviously it won’t be Rebekka since she is in “The Departed” and Klaus seems to be there too… That leaves Kol and Elijah… WHY oh WHY do there bring amazing characters like Kol to have them killed so fast when they could have been great for the show?! So I’m rooting for Elijah to die, but I’m 99% sure that it will be Kol… I can picture Klaus using his brother as a shield. *sighs*

  2. Scratch that! LOL He’s in the departed promo picture… Though based on certain clip, Klaus could be the one to go down… At this point, I really hope it’s him!

  3. Kol is cute, but I have no sense of him at all. We barely know him, so killing him wouldnt be a big deal to me. I could see it being Elijah since DG has a show next year, but I like him so I hope it is not.

    Love Ric snapping at Elena to stop trusting vampires. She seems to think that because she can trust a few, they all will eventually be kind to her. It is like, duh, how many of them have to hurt her before she gets a clue? Even Bella, who I generally find annoying grasped that some vampires were bad and had to be killed. At what point will Elena stop being Pollyanna?

  4. @Melissa I just can’t stop my love for Kol… He’s like the way I was hoping Klaus would be played out on the show. Let’s face it, Klaus started as an amazing villain, but obviously writers fell into the “Let’s do what the fans wants” trap and turned this psychotic villain into a cross between Anne Rice’s Marius and Recycled-Ripper!Stefan. LOL I know I’ve been very hard on the show, but I really think that after great seasons like 1 and 2 it feels like they are losing their mojo and this season for me is not doing it. I really hope tonight’s episode will rekindle my TVD fire, because for now, it’s looking more like a candle than anything. XD

    As for Bella, I will get killed for saying that, but if we compare TV!Elena with any version of Bella, it’s clear that Bella is smarter on the supernatural level! LOL

  5. @marie, given that Elena ia about to need vamp blood and the previews, still want to say she isn’t turning? ;)

  6. i will have to say that this latest episode was very good they explained the house vamp thing they tied things together a little better. i still think she chooses stefan which will suck i think they need at least half a season with damon to have a triangle but tonights episode was way good with kluas he showed his bada** villian attributes and i have to say he was way hot saving caroline and telling her go home stay home and locked away. im starting to question whether elena will remain human ill be curious to see i would hope they would save that for the next season but it will be interesting. tonight really made me remember why i fell in love with tvd. hope it was better for everyone else..

  7. @Melissa I actually giggled and thought about you upon seeing it. But my question is WHO will give her blood? Because it’s obvious that Stefan will be the brother coming back to Mystic Fall. But they are talking about a SHOCKING death, that means Stefan, Elena or Damon. I’m about 50/50 with Elena either dying or turning, either way her choice won’t matter. I said she would finish the season single and I still stand by that. Though at this point, it would be very interesting to have Stefan giving her blood instead of Damon and her choosing Damon. That would clearly make the triangle work as she would love Damon, but have the sire bond with Stefan. That would be a good twist for me! But I’m still saying, kill the girl and all the problems are solved! XD

    But let me have a fangirl moment!! HELL TO THE YEAH Kol is safe. Seriously the moment, Rebekka left I was like “Klaus is going down!” I was just literally dancing on my chair. This means that Elijah and Kol are probably safe until S4!! WOOT! WOOT! [fangirl moment done]

  8. Also was I the only one going into a Dark!Willow prayer when I saw the black veins going up Bonnie’s face?! XD

  9. @Marie, I am thinking Meredith shoots her up with vamp blood at the hospital and we won’t know which vampire she “stole” it from unless they sire her to Damon as the reveal.

  10. @Melissa Well I think that whoever is her sire (if she turns) it won’t be the one she chooses to be with. That would cause more drama for sure. Unless they make her turn and have Katherine next season back as a villain and Elena kills herself as in the books… But I so don’t want that angel stuff!!! LOL You and I both know that Vampire!Elena calls for Angel!Elena… XD

  11. @Marie, I thought of Willow too. Maybe next year the villain will be evil Bonnie? Abby did talk about temptations. JP was just joking about angel Elena, so I think we are safe on that front.

    I so cheered when Klaus went down. Didn’t see it coming, I thought he’d make it to next week and get to walk to keep his blood line alive. What they did was ok for me, but not quite as satisfying as Elena getting to stake him. Really, after all her training and after all he did for her, I should have been her.

    I was so sure of vmapire Elena after her injuries that when the guys left her without giving her blood I was stunned. Although, with as tiny as she is and as much blood as she lost a trip to the hospital would have been smart. She doesn’t weight enough to even donate to the Red Cross, but she can lose bags, hit her head and walk around? Ok. Anyway then I thought she would go down at the party for Tyler or Caroline to give her blood, but they left. Again stunned because I knew it had to be coming. Then when Jer left her alone I knew she was falling and thought of Meredtih’s stolen vampire blood used on patients and the whole season made sense.

  12. Damned it smells like fog the damned Episode of before sunset damned way and a crossed the damned line so damned impresive Before sunset mother of god!! to super ultra impresive i m in shocked damned you guys mother of god :O

  13. loved the episode. So glad they had the sense to “kill” Klaus. but at the same time who ever really stays dead on TVD?
    Your guy’s specs about Elena turning are great. Siring her to one of the brothers is a twist I never would have thought of.
    I think the last scene may be Elena and Matt going over the bridge, because there was an interview that said the last scene would leave us having a WTF moment and leaving the question “what the hell is going to happen” to be answered next season.
    So if we see her drink the blood then the final scene when they go over the bridge will leave us with the awful cliffhanger of not knowing if she survives human or dies with vamp blood in her and she comes back to life a vampire.

    one thing I can’t figure out is it says that Matt, Damon and Stefan go off together but seperate when Elena needs one of them. I wonder which one she needs and why?
    Can’t believe there is only one more epi :(

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