Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.21 – Before Sunset – Preview Clip

We now have a preview clip for next week’s episode “Before Sunset”. Klaus comes a knockin’…


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  1. Anyone else thinking of the three little pigs with this clip? Wolf at the door, three propel who refuse to come out inside. Which brings on the question, if Kaluse huffed and puffed and blew their house down, could he then get in?

  2. None of that is a none respecting violence Melissa when one person goes to your house respectetly of course say hi and you ask genlte what can do for you gentle or what this all about, not like this animal Jeremy that is on he,s limits and he doesn’t care and that is being so rude for him self to not treet well he,s guests so Klause is a respectful guy that,s all they ask respect that.s all for Elena not Delena and neather helena is simply Elena i said it for a few fans out there they call her delena and is not delena is Elena

  3. if one person goes to your house and wants violents on the person,s house, door butter in that person who is in he,s house that person who is in he,s house invite that person who wants war declair with hes speech war stop the volence and calmly decleir the violence i mean with this aclaration with declair violence they daclair war and none of those ppl win the war so is freedom gently of course and is made peace by this person who is in he,s house that,s all

  4. PLEASE DON’T DO AWAY WITH KLAUS ……………..I would love to see him take Elena and go and make season four about their travels just like Stefan and Klaus did in beginning of three….a journey that will take Elena Stefan Klaus Damon to other secrets of the Petrova lineage surely there are others!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! Elena is such a lucky and unlucky girl at the same time… I mean it sucks that she is the doppleganger but she gets BOTH Salvatores to protect her and fight for her…. hmmm I think I would take that trade lol

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