Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.19 – Heart of Darkness – Extended Preview

We now have the extended preview for The Vampire Diaries Arpil 19th episode “Heart of Darkness”. *Spoiler Alert*

UPDATE: The song in the promo is Turn It Back by Nik Ammar, here’s a link on YouTube.


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  1. <3 rose!
    FREAKISHLY <3 JEREMY!!! Can we bring him back to Mystic Falls. He is the closest thing to "normal" on this show. Plus, if Damon wiped his memory of all the vampire things how does he still remember??????

  2. He didn’t make him forget anything, he just had him leave and not worry about it.

  3. i think when rose says that she means that rooting for them to beat klaus, not be together? am i right or wrong, i could be wrong.. im team stelena haha

  4. Lol Ok then so what happend in here speaking of this character Rose first is a Vampire now when Demon invited Rose to relax in the bed and they whent in to the dream of rose for rose to distracted Demon Killed Rose and now demon turned Rose in to a Lost Soul what did you now one ghost left can somebody call Melinda at the ghost whisperer to see the light rose please lol and bring her rose in in to the light so she can see the light and stay in the light please Shit men fuck lol

  5. is jeremy still in colorado ? what is rose doing there ? and what did she say to jeremy ? i thought that damon took away all of jeremys memorys, if he did then how did jeremy know that rose was there ? and what about stefan ? i know that he still must be in love with her and then there is damon.

  6. I’m soooooo team Delana and it sucks that we have to wait until April 19 and what did Rose mean when she said she was rooting for them?

  7. I think while the hope is that Rose meant she was rooting for Delena to be a couple, what we’ll actually hear her say is that she’s rooting for them, maybe with an edited-out-for-the-promo Stefan’s name, to defeat Klaus. Although Rose would, IMO, root for Delena.

    That scene of Delena in bed looks like it might have been recycled, edited version of her going to sleep around the facct that he wouldn’t leave her bed after Rebecca told her about becoming a vampire.

  8. Although no one else seems to be focusing on what might happen on the season finale – I thought I would hazard a guess and share with you all to see what you think. I read it will be shocking and some what tearful. My First thought was that Alaric ALTER EGO would stab Elena in the last scene…then I thought that was too obvious, Then I thought maybe Klaus will compel Bonnie to kill her for her blood – but I think Bonnie would die rather than Kill Elena – then it hit me – Elena may or may not admit to Damon that she has feelings for him (although I am sure the promo teaser is really setting us delena shippers up for another disappointment – I doubt she will admit she cares for him – that would be too perfect :) but if SHE DID admit to caring for him then the season finale will have elena turning to stefan to kill her so she can safely rid the world of originals without hurting her friends and loved ones – and stefan who sees the big picture – will agree to do so – thus SHOCKING the fans – because we all know damon would probably argue against it – or would he?

    thoughts? anyone?

  9. Who are the two blondes convulsing or whatever in front of the fire? Esther and Bex? Caroline and Esther?

    The finale I believe is supposed to be tearful because Elena has to rehash her parent’s deaths. I suspect Ric is what sent their car off the bridge. Like he jumped in front of their car. He did have the ring when he started teaching at the school and that was only a few months after the Gilberts died. They never said how long he was in town before he got hired, his alter ego could have been trying to kill Mr. Gilbert who was on the council. That would make Elena sad.

    The writers like to use the book stuff with poetic license, so while I could see Elena dying in the season finale (to rise again as a vampire) like the books, I do not think Stefan will kill her. I see an angry Bex killing her without knowing she has vamp blood in her system, which would be like the books where Kat tried to kill her and wound up turning her. Before they broke the all for one spell, I saw Elena killing herself to take the originals with her, but now there is no point in that. They could also have Elena die when she stakes Klaus, burning with him, like vamp Elena died in the books killing Kat.

  10. i think the books are really out there. i mean the tv show is fake and i totally get that, but they kinda make it easy to pretend its real with all of the history and stuff. if the tv show was like the books i’d think its completely ridiculous. i like that theyre different. i also like tv elena better than book elena, and thats saying something..

    i think stefan and alaric are fighting and alaric is the one in the salvatore’s cellar!!! sounds exciting!!!!

  11. Ronbon: i would really like to see Elena become a vampire in the season finale however i dont think its going to happen yet.. im not sure if the writers would know where to go from there, also, for the finale im hoping for a Stelena reunion.. their soulmates, lets admit it !! :D

  12. I love all of the above speculation. So I am going to throw my two cents in on what might happen!!!!

    In 3.19 I think that delena will have a moment and of course elena will chicken out like usual :( but in the finale I could easily see it being heartbreaking for stefan and I say this only because I feel that Delena will finally admit and have to break it to him we all know it will be a short lived romance because well apparently it just works that way,


    MATT AND ELENA get together and exc she gets pregnant and matt somehow dies or leaves mystic, and she will then be with a salvatore.. any thoughts??? just saying it would be awesome then we would elena and child and happily ever after

    but i do believe matt will play into this!!

  13. I want Stefan and Elena’s reunion to be slow. I want Stefan to become a better Stefan and Elena to realize the man she will always love is still here waiting for her. But I’d also love for Katherine to return, make this triangle more even, and actually be a real threat to Elena’s relationship with Stefan.
    Love the Originals, but I’m so tired of them now.
    Yay, Jeremy and Rose are back!

  14. Like for Katherine theres only one route out you either turn or see the ones you love suffer and be killed it would awesome if Katherine and Elena teamed up even though I doubt they will.

  15. I agree the finale will be about Elena’s parents. She will think about Stefan saving her. Maybe remember something she’d forgotten (was compelled to forget?) that makes her lean towards a relationship with him. I’m team Delena all the way, I just don’t see it happening.

  16. Am team Delena all the way. Luv Damon because he is real..Stefan does everything Elena wants and it sulks..Damon is ready to save Elena’s life even if she’s gonna hate him and that’s luv.

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