Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.17 – Break On Through – Preview Clip

Here’s a preview clip from next week’s episode “Break On Through”. An awkward Stelena moment. Enjoy!


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  1. That WAS an awkward moment! And Stefan is so fatalist about the whole thing –“there’s nothing you can do”. Has that stopped anybody on this show before? lol Okay, the is the LAST clip I’m watching before next week! :)

  2. I hate how they keep insinuating that he shouldn’t drink human blood.

    I think Damon’s plan of moderation (as well as drinking vervain) is a great way for the brothers to strengthen themselves. Season 1 “animal blood” Stefan wouldn’t stand a chance against the werewolves, hybrids, etc.

  3. @Nate. I think the “wrong” is because Stefan spent all season one carrying on about drinking human blood being bad and how it made vampires meaner. So Elena, and fans, see Stefan having human blood as wrong for his character. Suddenly in season two he started a moderationnplan and you could have human blood and not be a villain. It was ok so long as it came from a bag. The two views really didn’t jive, more of their rapid story changing to try to make stuff fit that shows poor planning IMO. However, they treat Stefan like an addict and there is no moderation for an addict, you can’t have a little heroine. I guess in his case it would be more like an eating disorder where you have to learn to eat normally again, but again, they really write it like a drug/alcohol problem.

  4. Is there no chance that these two will ever regain what they had????? So estranged ……..so”opps I better not say the wrong thing”……….never seen so much animosity between the two….who were once so in love that nothing
    mattered …….no one mattered…………GREAT ACTING PAUL AND NINA…………….

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