Vampire Diaries – Episode 21 – Isobel – Synopsis – Spoiler Alert

Oh wow, wow, wow. Check out this synopsis from episode 21 “Isobel” courtesy of VampireSite.net. Very spoilery, so you have been warned.

ISOBEL RETURNS TO MYSTIC FALLS – Isobel (guest star Mia Kirshner) returns to town and stuns Alaric (Matt Davis) with her attitude and her demands that he arrange a meeting with Elena (Nina Dobrev.) When mother and daughter finally meet, Isobel refuses to answer most of Elena’s questions, but reveals that she will stop at nothing to find the mysterious invention Johnathan Gilbert has been searching for. Isobel’s dangerous actions lead Stefan (Paul Wesley), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham) to step in and help Elena deal with the situation. Candice Accola, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Zach Roerig and Michael Trevino also star. J Miller Tobin directed the episode written by Caroline Dries & Brian Young (#120)


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  1. just some of my imagination running wild: Stefan’s extreme struggle this time”worse than it has EVER been” according to him. Of the founding families, we all suspect the Lockwood’s carry a werewolf/shapeshifter gene. Way back Jeremey was reading a book by Jonathan G about the beasts and death in the night, etc. He has also always been talented at drawing creatures of the dark side. Could the Gilberts carry the same gene or maybe it is just b/c they are ultra-vamp hunters, but Elena’s blood was the first Stef has had since his many yrs of abstinence. Could there be something about HER BLOOD? Of course, I’ve always suspected Uncle John to be E’s father, thus it iwould be also Gilbert blood (the show does do twists, so I could also be WAY wrong LOL). Now, Isobel has to be a Pierce decendant, but whose side is she on? Did she cross over to help rid the vamps or does she want to thwart the hunters? The rings prob are witch powered, but did much of the town’s founding families learn stuff from Emily, before they killed her? Just my rambling thoughts.

  2. so in other words the salvator borthers have to off Elena’s birth mother.. poor girl.. vamp BF, vamp mama, witch BF.. her therapist is gonna need a therapist.. UGH!!!

  3. Hey, Jackie, maybe even though you can never trust her completely, the S bros may work with mama vamp. At least Damon, (who is not very trustworthy either), is older than her. In the words of Damon, “It happens”. LOL

  4. Just letting you guys know, there was question about whether this was the finale. This is not the finale. There are 22 episodes in total. The finale will be titled “Founder’s Day”.

  5. i can’t waite for the DVD to be out, then I will be hosting a TVD marathon. the person that can watch all epispdes with out getting off the couch to (p, streatch, eat) gets a prize… LOL…

  6. I agree with Vicki’s comment that Uncle John may be Elena’s father. I wonder if we will find that out in this particular episode? I do wonder how Isobel and John know each other.

  7. I had never thought about that, John can be Elena’s father… Now I’m even more excited to watch…

  8. Hey Jackie – you just might have a very wet couch when TVD DVD is done! There are 22 episodes at around 45 mins each equals 16-1/2 hrs of sitting time! I’ve sat & watched 4 hrs straight cause I have TVD taped. Anxious to see who Elena’s real father is but I don’t think it’s John Gilbert. Isobel had Elena before she even met Alaric & started her college work.

  9. I think Isobel is the one behind everything that’s going on in Mystic Falls and is probably planning something much, much bigger. I wonder why she wants to meet Elena so badly especially after she abandoned her. I guess its because of the whole mother-can’t-live-without-her-kid sort of thing. But I’m actually really curious about who Elena’s birth father is. The series hasn’t really focused on that too much, just on her birth mother. It BETTER not be Uncle John or that would just be too weird. Because then technically, she would be a Gilbert and also Jeremy’s cousin. Interesting, huh? But then, like I said before, that would be really weird. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, because I really don’t like him. But I want to know all that stuff he said he knows and how he knows it. Probably from reading all of Johnathon Gilbert’s diaries, I suppose. And there is DEFINITELY something not right about the Lockwoods. But I can’t exactly say I’m curious about them because they haven’t even been a big part of the show. And also because I don’t really like Tyler. At all. I don’t even know why. But I just don’t.

    Also, has Isobel met Katherine? I totally can’t remember…

  10. Lucky for you, Damon can’t be. Vampires can’t reproduce because they’re dead.

  11. thats a relief haha
    But elena and stefan would have had some veeeery cute babies.

  12. I don’t like Bonnie anymore… I liked her before her grandmother died, but now she’s being really mean to Elena.

  13. I think that Lockwoods are werewolves and they will reveal that in season 2. because tyler can never remember why he acted crazy or what is wrong w him. ALSO because everytime he gets violent there is a full moon!

  14. and 2 people die in the season finale, 1 younger actor and 1 older actor…i hope it is uncle john!

  15. the season finale is called “founders day” its episode 22 and someone important dies, my guess is either jenna or jeremy, i hope neither of the die though :( damon and elena are totally the hottest couple, and i really hope they kiss ;)
    team damon !

  16. ps. the lockwoods ARE werewolves, well, in the books they are, and tyler like attacks elena when she refuses to get it on with him, haahha

  17. I really hope they aren’t werewolves, though, because that would just make it like Twilight. I have a feeling that they might reveal the Lockwood Secret in the season finale. Also, I think Anna and Isobel (or Uncle John) are going to be the ones who die. I just hope it isn’t Damon, Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, or Matt!

    I can’t wait!!!

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