Vampire Diaries – Episode 20 – Blood Brothers – Webclips

And….we have the webclips for the next episode “Blood Brothers” courtesy of the CW. First is a flashback scene, and the next one is an interesting exchange between Damon and Elena.

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  2. The second webclip with elena and damon was odd, but i’m really looking forward to the eo!

  3. god yess more delena scenes i love them cant wait to see what actually happened back in the day ep looks good so sad that we only got three ep. left this is my fav show!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hmmm. I love the subtle changes in Elena and Damon. It’s not like right in your face, which is good. He’s really warming up to her IE: not thinking of her as Katherine anymore, but as an actual individual.

    It sucks Stefan is all psycho right now because I still prefer Elena and Stefan together. But am really enjoy Evil!Stefan for the time being.

  5. Lol if you focus on Elena while Damon is talking about the compas or whatever it is you see her grabbing some clothes putting it in a bag, an then grabbing a jeans and folding it and then you zoom in on her and you see her grabbing the same jeans, folding it etc.

    While she was actually still busy doing that, is it just me or did they made a copy past error here:P

  6. good eye Bo, maybe they just wanted it to look like she had more than one pair of jeans to pack..

  7. I love evil Stefan. It’s hot. But I think Stefan and Elena will stay together. I can’t see it going anywhere romantic with Damon

  8. Yeah I thought that as option,, but it just looks like she still has is in her hands in the first shot,, while in the second after it she is grabbing it from the couch:P
    It just looked really weird.

  9. Poor Stefan. Damon is loving this. All Damon cares about is himself, and it doesn’t matter who he hurts along the way. Right now his latest, is i guess Elena. The love of his life Katherine didn’t want him so he’ll go after Elena because she looks like her. Even if he has to break his brothers heart. I hope that Elena is smart enought to see threw him. Really hope that Elena and Stefan show more passion. Last nights episode was disappointing, always looked forward to new episode. Not really in a hurry for next week’s episode. Never thought I’d feel that way.

  10. Chelsea, the promo pics for the ‘Isobel’ episode and the finale look promising for Elena/Stefan lovers. I think it’s in the next episode he gets it under control. She never gave up on him. She has a bond with Damon, but it’s brother-sister for her.

  11. Any time. Trust me, I was having a panic attack about the same thing. I can’t see Damon settling down. His sex exploits are much to funny to watch. And from the looks of things, and the pacing of the show, Stefan will get his act together next week. It’s been 3 episodes.

  12. I think they are building up the Elena and Daman relationship. That is what I love about it. It is not rushed like stefan and elena… I think it will be interesting to watch them together in season 2 and stefan all jealous about it, who is with me? :)

  13. I think that they first have to be friends, than lovers, so they can really trust eachother…

  14. yea i also am happy there friends before them hooking up i love delena but im sure nothing will happen this season

  15. There were never together in the books…she acknowledged she liked him, but never loved him on the level she does with Stefan…part of the reason they were ‘rushed’ is because Stefan and Elena just HAVE something. I can’t see it going anywhere with Damon.

  16. i think it will eventually but not yet even the producers said that the 1st was about stelena love but delena will come and they are just much hotter than stelena at least to me

  17. IDK, I think Damon’s manwhoring ways make him who he is. His attraction to Elena…I can’t see him ‘settling down.’ The books focus on Stefan/Elena. My guess is they’ll play up on the Damon/Elena chemistry though.

  18. I like stefan tooo, but I would to see the show focus on Elena and Damon. So season 2 will be about them?

  19. The last book shadow souls was all about them. They have this amazing intense scenes! She loves him. Now in the last book she will have to choose between stefan or damon. I hope she will go with damon! :) What they have is much intenser and stronger… they are the best couple on screen and in the books, for me. But I like Stefan to. Don’t get me wrong :)

  20. ok great i just bought the last book, shadow & souls your tellimg that is what i have to look forward to.. nice…

  21. I’m all for Stefan and Elena. I think Damon would have to change to be with Elena and with Stefan and Elena they just fit together and are so loyal to one another and want to have each other’s back.

    I adore them and their love scene kicked ass!! She reached out to him and told him not to be scared because he was a vampire. She wanted to love him regardless. I heart them.

  22. Oohh, Jackie, I hope I didn’t spoiled it to much for you? But the book is amazing! :)

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