Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.19 – Klaus – Synopsis

The CW has released the episode synopsis for episode 2.19 “Klaus”.


KLAUS (GUEST STAR JOSEPH MORGAN, “BEN HUR”) IS REVEALED — Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are furious when they discover that Elena (Nina Dobrev) has defied them both to make a new ally and take control of the plan to out-maneuver Klaus (Morgan).  Disagreement over how to protect Elena leads to growing tension between the Salvatore brothers.  Meanwhile, Stefan has his hands full trying to keep a confused and frightened Jenna (Sara Canning) safe.  Flashbacks to 1491 reveal Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev) introduction to Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus, along with the origin of the moonstone curse.  Elena learns shocking new information about Klaus’ motives.  Matt Davis also stars.  Joshua Butler directed the episode written by Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec (#219).


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  1. I think all the tension ‘tween Damon and Stefan will only get the ones they try to protect, killed. Stefan said as much when Kat tried the same thing. Lena takes over? Good for her! All she needs is Bonnie and Care beside her. <3

  2. @Wahinetoa Yup totally agree, although you can’t help but love the guys, its always gonna be your Hoes before Bros lol, not to mention Caroline is the best girl in it, like Elena/Katherine come first sure but straight after that, like Nina’s characters are the main protagonists so Duhh

  3. Now that I have seen the extended trailer for The Last Dance , It worries me that Caroline, Jeremy , & Bonnie are not mentioned in this synopsis
    & Elena slapping Damon while crying really worries me because Bonnie or Jeremy could be injured or worse dead :(

  4. I agree with you Christina, I hope Bonnie and Jeremy are ok, because in the 2.17 episode extended promo, it shows Bonnie fighting Klaus and she has another nose bleed. It also shows Jeremy getting into a fight and possibly getting beat up! *SPOILER ALERT* I heard from a source that someone WILL die in episode 2.17, who do you think it is? Hope everything with Caroline and Matt works out and I hope Damon didn’t compel Elena to do anything dangerous!!!):

  5. stefan and damon will get mad when elena is on charge, she just doesnt what to see bonnie die. caroline will probely find out about what her mom and matt know but Elijah will probely do something. bonnie and jeramy relationship gets stronger. everyone knows klaus was alaric so he will probely show his real identity or posses another body. he also said katherines death will last twice as long as she has been alive. klaus thinks bonnie is dead so he will have a suprice. the end of this season will be exiting but what will happen to elena. can’t wait!!!!! but there are only four more eps!!! please make a season 3!!!!!!!!

  6. Can someone please tell me what happened on the last episode? They were tracking storms all through the time slot last week. I didn’t see a second of it! I can’t get my iPhone to pull up the episode online either.

  7. @Michelle
    The Vampire Diaries 4/14/11 The Last Dance Episode Recap

    Hope it helps. :)

    @ YounMcKee
    OMGoodness, sorry for being so late to reply! :(
    Absolutely, they’re all fantastic cast. Katerina (my darling lass), then Candice and Neens. Hope the brothers stay close, they’re gonna need it. :)

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