Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.12 – The Descent – Episode Stills

Thanks to Natalie for sending over these stills from episode 2.12 “The Descent”. View with caution, because they are a little spoilery. And be sure and check out the recent episode synopsis we posted.

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  1. omg damon and elena hugging yayy:) love themm but mostly damon ! who is that girl he is talking to in the first couple of pictures? oh well cant wait till jan. 27th when it comes back on !!!

  2. Wow. Thanks people of Vampire Diaries online for the awesome pics! I can’t wait for what this episode holds, especially concerning damon and elena’s scenes….hehe ;)

  3. damon and elena arguing possibly about rose, damon helping rose possibly gain her strentgh back, and the werewolf girl who bit rose! (that so not nice word) what i think is going to happen is damon and elena are arguing about rose, or maybe elena is just trying to talk to him, damon actualy helping someone he cares about(gosh i love damon) and that were wolf can go die for all i care because she bit rose which in turn hurts damon and i hate seeing damon suffer.

  4. what do you people think will happen between rose damon and elena?

  5. It pretty much looks like Damon is compelling that random girl in the first few pictures, but I have no idea why. Anyone one have any ideas about that? Maybe he is using her to get info from the werewolf girl (who I can’t remember her name) about a possible cure for the bite. Too bad it doesn’t look good for Rose ): Sadly, I don’t think she is going to make it, because she looks eally sick. Lastly I’ll think Elena is just comforting Damon because he probably realizes that he can’t help Rose, but a Delena moment is good even if its sad. Oh yeah, what is the vampire girl burning? For some reason it looked like a tent to me haha.

  6. Thank you so much for the pictures, there are some that i can’t see i don’t know with.. but something is something. I can’t wait for this episode.

  7. Apparently Damon is crying because he doesnt know if he knows himself anymore or something.
    Either way, he’s crying. I dont think it’s because of rose though

  8. and i’m pretty sure he kills that girl and feels guilty about it

  9. I think when damon ad elena are hugging its because he’s had to kill rose

  10. Maybe Rose attacked that girl and bit her, Damon stops Rose, than the girl goes running off and Damon goes after her, he compels to forget what Rose did so that way the vampires are protected. Or Damon just blows a top and picks some random girl to rip into.

  11. wooohooo!!! some Delena moment! Yeah! i dont care if its sad or happy or if rose have to die so it’ll happen i’m so sorry for her she good and the more important she makes Damon happy so i say that, that stupid jules die painfully! Cant wait till jan 27th!!!

  12. It looks like a car in the still with the fire. If you look to the far left, you can see (what looks like) a windshield.

  13. where did they dump masons body? could the werewolf girl find his body and burn it. cause in that one pic that shes just standing there she looks like shes crying..and the pic with damon and rose, damon looks like hes in pain just watching rose waste away. it breaks my heart.

  14. Poor Rose ! I really like her, she gave the show more action, with the ‘Klautz storyline’.
    I hope she won’t pass away coz it’s great to see Damon happy, having good time with her. ;)

  15. Another reason why I’m addicted to this tv show: the photos taken on the set. Look at them, it is soooo perfect. We have the right angle and the cast (especially the photo with Rose who’s in pretty bad shape) is well dressed, with great make-up. That’s the world of Cinema. :) It’s very based on aesthetism.
    I love that !

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