Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.08 – Rose – Synopsis

Thanks to Natalie of Blood Falls for posting! The CW has released the synopsis for episode 8 titled “Rose”. Click “Show” to view.


AN ANCIENT PRESENCE IN MYSTIC FALLS — Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) come to Elena’s assistance and, in the process, learn surprising new information about people, vampires and events in the distant past. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) helps Bonnie (Katerina Graham) after she casts a difficult and exhausting spell, and Caroline (Candice Accola) does what she can to make things easier for Tyler (Michael Trevino). Finally, Stefan and Damon reach a new understanding. Liz Friedlander directed the episode written by Brian Young.


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  1. awwh, jer helps bonnie… man i’m excited!! thanks for these spoilers— i hate surprises!! especially on this show! lol

  2. I’m soo glad Caroline is still alive up to this episode :) I think i pretty much figured out who gets killed in the previous episode. Looks like there might be another love triangle in the works between Bonnie , Jeremy & some new guy .

  3. Bonnie and Jeremy an item!!!??? Am I missing something? Ive watched every episode. I live in Toronto and VD comes on every thursday @ 8, but last night it was a rerun of the season 2 premeire :@ Was that the same for everyone eles this week? Cant wait to see who’s gonna die!

    @ christina I agree with you on that one. Loved the fact that they kept Caroline alive and shes coping well with the change.

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