Vampire Diaries – Episode 17 – Let the Right One In – Webclips

Yep…that was a grueling weekend waiting for these webclips….CW?? What are you trying to do to us?? LOL Anyway, we have them finally. First is an adorable convo between Matt and Caroline, and the next is Damon, Stefan and Elena discussing the “Pearl” situation! Can’t wait!

Webclip 1

Webclip 2

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  1. Aww why is Elena so mean to Damon??? Well I guess there is the small issue of him killing her birth mum… oh well who cares, these guys will be great together!

  2. Elena could ease of him a little, how was Damon meant to know he changed her birth mum. although the least he could do was say sorry lol

  3. I can understand why shes mad though. Learning something about your birth mother only to learn that your boyfriends brother killed her has to be harsh. I would be mad to.

  4. Uhm.. actually I think Elena is mainly pissed for the fact that Damon forgot to mention that there are 26 vamps who got out of the tomb and want to get Mystic Falls back. Then there was that small part where Damon made the comment that they would give him Katherine… and hey we have a party:P

  5. omg people she should be mad at damon he turned her mother into a vampire wouldnt you be mad???…..and does any1 remember he eat PEOPLE no wonder she doesnt like him lol

  6. Does anyone know what Stefan meant at the end of this episode where he said that elena was saving him just as he was saving her? I am kind of confused with that bit.

  7. Elena saved Stefan by giving him her blood.
    Stefan saved Elena by killing Fredrick and enjoy it a little too much:P

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