Vampire Diaries Casting For Klaus – Episode 16 – Spoiler Alert!

I have on good authority that The Vampire Diaries is now casting for Klaus and he is scheduled to appear in episode 2.16. For all of you wondering what Klaus is going to be like, here’s a little description to whet your appetite.


KLAUS – Late 20s to mid 30s. Handsome, charming, intelligent with a sharp wit. He can out-Damon Damon, only because he’s got a 1000 years on him. He is one of The Originals, possibly the oldest, but you would never know it because he keeps up with the times.


Ok…so. What do you guys think? Let the dream casting begin!


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  1. oooh tough one to cast! has to out damon damon? this actor’s gonna need some eyebrows with personality!!

    Here’s a guy I think could maybe fit the part!
    Brandon Barash (he was on tell me you love me too!)

  2. Seriously they need someone to out damon Damon? Can’t they just give Ian Sommerhalder that part too? Cause no one can out Damon Damon like Ian can.

  3. I believe i would be perfect fot this part. I don’t have that much acting experience but I sure do have alot of character and believe i would be a good person to play klaus. I am over weight but I know that I would be able to be aristocratic mysterious and can be intimidating when I need to be. plus I have not ever been in any big acting jobs just a one act play at school. but if people think i might be a good choice my email is jacob.t.evans@gmail.com

  4. I think that Gaspard Ulliel might be a good choice for the job… he’s the right age, from a european background, and he’s sexy as hell but extremely intimadating.

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