Vampire Diaries Cast Interviews Roundup From Zap2It, IGN & TV Guide

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A bunch of interviews surfaced last night, just as I was heading to bed, so I’ve decided to round them up into one post. IGN talks to Candice Accola, while Zap2It had a chance to chat with both Candice and Zach Roerig on Caroline & Matt’s relationship. Then Robyn ross of TV Guide talks confessions with Sara Canning. Also, check out this really cool BTS photo above of Candice posted by Zap2It from tonight’s episode “The House Guest”.

Interview with Candice Accola & Zach Roerig via Zap2It:

When Zap2it last spoke with executive producer Julie Plec, she made us some promises. “In the last episode before we go away for hiatus, there’s a really great Matt and Caroline moment that I think will make you very happy,” she teased. As soon as we heard that, we had to get the scoop from Zach Roerig and Candice Accola on the grand romantic gesture that might turn things around for one of our favorite Mystic Falls couples.

“It was such a fun scene to shoot,” Zach says of Candice’s big Mystic Grill performance number. “I’ve got a lot of love for Candice. She’s just incredibly talented, and incredibly fun to work with, so to see her get to work in a different capacity was just a really great day on set. She first came out to Hollywood to be a singer and to launch a music career, so she went into it fearlessly.”

“People ask me all the time about whether I’ll sing on the show. I’ve never approached Kevin and Julie about it, because the character wasn’t initially introduced as a musical character, and you don’t want anything to feel forced,” Candice says. Her debut album “It’s Always The Innocent Ones” was released in 2006, before she went on tour with Miley Cyrus as a backup singer.

Read of the rest of this awesome interview at Zap2It.

Interview with Candice Accola Via IGN:

IGN: Any other hints you can give about this week’s episode and what might lead Caroline to that stage?

Accola: I think the biggest thing is that Caroline really wants to let go and feel human again and feel loved. I thought that was such a great moment when Bonnie and Elena came over for the slumber party. It was just so wonderful. It just brought it back to, oh yeah, these are young women in high school. At the end of the day, you really just want to be loved. You just need friends. You just need a sense of family. And so I think that’s kind of what’s on Caroline’s agenda right now. She gave so much of herself to helping Tyler and when that wasn’t returned, it kind of takes away the idea of supernatural and just comes down to, ‘Dude, I thought you were my friend!’ And so I think that’s going to be priority one for Caroline right now, is just getting her sense of friendship and family and love back in her life.

Read the rest of the interview at IGN.

Interview with Sara Canning from TV Guide on Jenna finding out about Isobel:

“She thinks she’s dead. When John is saying, ‘Did they find her body?’ it bothers her, but a large part of her is like, this is what he does — he comes back to town and stirs up stuff just to stir it up,” Canning says. “I think it’s a definite discomfort, but I don’t know that she’s imagined what it would be like to meet Isobel or be told she’s alive.”

If Jenna only knew Isobel was not only alive, but a vampire who’s Elena’s biological mother.

Canning says her character has grown as a parental guardian and as a person making smarter choices, so she’s excited about what lies ahead:

“In the next few episodes we’re going to see something happen that is really going to rock her world and have her question if she is in such a steady and stable spot as she thought she was.”

Read the rest of the interview at TV Guide.


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