Vampire Diaries Bite: Bonnie’s Been Slapped Into Reality


Check out TV Guide’s latest Vampire Diaries Bite! Kat Graham talks Bonnie and Jeremy, and *Spoiler Alert* Bonnie and new character Tessa’s “connection”.

A major reality check: Bonnie wanted to keep her death a secret for as long as possible, but her father’s murder in the premiere made Bonnie realize the reality of the situation. “Even though she had passed,  that was reason enough for her to be like, ‘It’s OK, give it some more time and it’ll figure itself out. Let’s just keep [my friends] as happy as possible,'” Graham says. “But when her father gets murdered it was this harsh slap into reality of what she could’ve done had she been alive and what she could’ve done differently.”

A new ally: The introduction of Tess (Janina Gavankar) will lead to some stunning revelations. “They have a connection which you’ll soon find out is much deeper and more long-lasting than everyone could’ve thought,” Graham says. “What it becomes is really cool.”

Read the rest of the story over at TV Guide.


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