TV Guide’s Vampire Diaries Bite: An Elena/Katherine Face Off!

Check out what Ian Somerhalder has to say in TV Guide‘s Latest Vampire Diaries Bite!

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  1. ok sooo feeling a rant coming on… WTH? this is soooo not what i tuned in for…what the heck is the diff between the catherine and the elena storyline at this point? i mean once again damon gave his heart only to have it thrown right back in his face. this new elena is turning out to be just as much a bitch, just as head strong and down right cruel as her doppelganger. i get that shes lost just about everything but wjat hapened to love conquers all? I am fast losing patience and interest in this whole story line…but hey I guess its murphy’s law – history is doomed to repeat itself…and with elena and catherine the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.
    at this point I am all for Damon going rhett butler on her ass – and telling her frankly my dear I dont give a s%^& about you!

  2. I am quickly losing patience with this storyline as well.

    I dislike that Jeremy was killed off. I like Damon and Elena together and Damon is so much sexier than Stephen. Now Damon is getting his heart broken and I can’t stand Elena. She is exactly like Katherine so why do I want twins with the same “I’m so evil” storyline on the show? I don’t like the new Elena and I don’t like this storyline at all so they keep it up and I’m just not watching it anymore.

  3. phew glad to hear I am not the only one. not that it isnt “fun” to see elena kick some ass – but what set her apart from catherine before – no longer exists. I get why they turned off her humanity – she has suffered but really? Caroline’s journey as a vamp is much more humane…and more along the lines of what I picture a “good person” who turned would be like, stronger, smarter, more intense. Jeremy should NOT have died, Bonnie seems to have removed herself from the rest of the group…and I really hate to compare TVD with BTVS but I hated the whole reborn buffy…she sacrificed herself for everyone and resented them for it…making her an unlikeable character in my eyes…
    oh well guess im just too much of a romantic with a silver lining at the end at heart…but really im sick of damon (as bad as he needed his butt kicked) being treated badly – he was changing for the better through love – shouldnt that be the case for elena too? Again shouldnt that be what saves her?

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