Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.02 “One Wrong Turn on Bourbon”

Holy crow. No, I mean it. HO-LEE CROW.

Remember one of my parting shots from last week’s recap – the one where I surmised that Hope was behind all this – I DO hate when I figure things out quite so quickly . . .

1 Just to get it out of the way . . . Yep, Hope was behind the whammy-ing of her mum, and YES, she used the little hyrid-sired-to-her-boy Henry to do it. Which was somehow supposed to make it better when she confessed to her father that she was, indeed, behind it.

. . . which brings me to . . .

2 Yep, Dad’s back in town. And, you thought wilting flowers and blood rain was all you had to worry about?! Try snakes in the river, and coming out of the blood water the now dead flowers are sitting in . . oh, and Hope pukes up one when her Dad stays in the same room with her too long.

Can you imagine knowing that your daughter will puke snakes (or worse) if you so much as share the same room as her? That’s a burden no parent wants to wield.

3 The flashback of young Hope was heart-breaking. She just wanted to be near her Dad – or as near as you can be when astral projecting. She didn’t know that he was having his own, personal “blood orgy.”

4 Declan is freaking adorable. Clearly, he’s had a relationship with Hope that Klaus wasn’t able to have. And that’s kinda cute, too.

The fact that Declan has had these moments with Hope, and Klaus hasn’t, pretty much makes Klaus react the way you’d think. And, in the process, probably blows his mind. I don’t think he was aware of the supernatural before this moment.

However, he’s clearly not on Vervain . . . because Klaus wipes his memory right afterward. Wonder if he’ll be like Cami, and work out that someone’s messing with his memory?

5 Klaus and Freya, reunited. Such a sweet moment.

6 This lady is trouble. And seems to be a pot-stirrer. Why is she so ready to be at war with the wolves?

7 The fact that there is some whispering amongst the vampires that Marcel can’t be their king, because he isn’t one of them (we still don’t really know what he is) is . . . unsettling.

8 Freylin is soooooooooooooooo adorable. The fact that Freya sends her away, broke my heart.

9 Marcel figures out what we already know – that Hope is behind Hayley’s disappearance from Henry. He’s protecting his sire.

10 Oh, snap. I think Mum might’ve been a little pissed about being locked in a coffin by her teenaged daughter! Or maybe she just had to turn to escape? Or maybe someone took her? Either way, Hope has one biiiiiiiiig mess to clean up when Momma gets home, me thinks.

The scolding she got from Klaus will be nothing compared to what Momma has in store.


11 Walling Henry up in Marcel’s Garden for being a hybrid seems a bit, well, extreme. But, given the circumstances, and the fact that when that decision was made no one knew where his mentor (Hayley) was – and still don’t, based on the destruction left where Hope thought she had kept Hayley “safe,” maybe it wasn’t such a bad decision . . . except for the fact that he made a pretty, captive . . . victim, in the end.

12 Henry’s death is sure to cause all kinds of chaos. 

13 The Oracle of Jackson Square . . . AKA Ivy is a pretty interesting character.

BONUS #1:  This Roman kid. I’m not sure about him.

BONUS #2: Vincent and Ivy, reading tarot cards that spell out what Sabine prophesized . . . gave me chills.

BONUS #3: Hope telling Klaus how seeing him (when she was 9) in the midst of a “murder orgy” was heartbreaking. Both Klaus and Hope show us the pain that has come along with having to be apart.

So where, exactly, is Hayley? And why am I suddenly very suspicious of that hug that Hope gave Marcel? Was Hope’s panic at Klaus’s discovery of Hayley’s destroyed coffin real? Who freed Henry? Who killed Henry? And what did they hope to accomplish?

They’re going to face the wrath of Marcel – they harmed a child.

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