Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies 105 “Malivore”

Thirteen Things We Learned from 1.05 “Malivore”

Last week brought us a big ol’ pile of questions – about Oil Monster, about tensions between Matty Blue and Dr Dad (Alaric), about Kaleb and his realization that the Salvatore School has put all its vampires on the “bunny diet,” and, most importantly, WHAT IS LANDON KIRBY – among other things and, frankly, I’m kinda ready for some answers!!

Are you?

And what in the actual Heck is a “Malivore?”

If you Google it, you come up with mostly just links to this episode’s Wiki page . . . so, without further ado, let’s just jump in!

  1)  Obviously, this “Honor Council” was NOT Dr Dad’s idea.

I’m starting to think that Josie and Lizzie should have “Assistant Head Mistresses” to their resumes at this point. Clearly, they are the ones running things!!!

One vampire, one witch, and one werewolf.

Seems simple enough. But, this is Legacies folks, and ain’t nothing EVER that easy.

And, it would seem that Rafael wants the Honor Council’s first decision to be about whether or not Landon can stay – IF Hope’s tests are either inconclusive, or he tests as human.

  2)  “The outfit makes the speech.” – Lizzie Saltzman

But, does the outfit need to be blue?

Or pink?

And is anyone else having flashbacks of the Sleeping Beauty Disney cartoon – where the fairy godmothers are changing the color of Aurora’s dress as she dances with the prince?!

Just me?

And who tries on their “victory outfit” before the election has even started?

Lizzie Saltzman.  That’s who.

But she’s also gotta beat She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named – Penelope, in case you’d forgotten about her.

There’s a LOT of bribery that goes into running for office in High School. These kids could give the worst politicians a run for their money.  Josie bribes people with Lizzie’s sweater. MG gets Kaleb to get the vampires behind him by promising to “free Kaleb” if he gets the vampire spot on the Council.

Just how many of these “campaign promises” are going to come back and bite these kids?!

And how hurt is Josie that Lizzie asked Rafael to be her date for their birthday party – he got her to vote to keep Landon here by agreeing.

  3)  Hope gets to administer some “weird, mystical blood analysis” on Landon.

And Landon isn’t crazy about the idea of someone so “biased” as Hope conducting the tests. But, when Dr Dad gives an order . . . . an order is followed.

But it isn’t only bloodwork that Hope does to “test” Landon. There’s a series of “can you do these extraordinary tasks,” like hold a handstand for 10 minutes.


He doesn’t even hold it for 10 seconds.

  4) “Trees are patient. Humans are not.” – Dryad

The dryad will talk, but only if Dr Dad and Dorian bring her “Oliver.”  She has a ring on a necklace that she tells Dr Dad that if he shows it to “Oliver,” he will come willingly with Alaric.

When Alaric tells her that “Oliver” might not be around anymore – since many years have passed since the days she remembers – the dryad tells him that “Oliver” became a vampire so that they could be together forever.

I introduce to you . . . . Oliver (no longer in quotes, because it seems he’s real!):

And he’s pretty!!!!

But he has no idea who the dryad is.

That could be a problem.

He knows of the clearing that Dryad speaks of – he proposed to his wife there – but has no recollection of the dryad. As soon as Oliver mentions his wife, Dryad starts back-pedaling saying she’s mistaken him for someone else.

However, once Oliver leaves, the dryad admits that the night she and Oliver were going to run, something attacked her. She woke up in an endless darkness. And, then, just as quickly, she woke up again with a burning desire to possess the Stupid-Not-Stupid knife.

She confesses that a “voice in my mind” told her to take it to this “dark pit under the earth” that she can sense, and then and only then she would be able to find peace.

While she’s telling this story – clearly frightened – she’s carving a symbol into a dried pool of candle wax.  This symbol:

And what does that symbol represent, oh wise Research Dude Dorian?

And why is Landon’s mom wearing the same symbol around her neck?

   5) This face makes me think that Rafael is considering more “revolution.”

He goes to Alpha Dog Jed, asking if Jed will vote to allow Landon to stay after the tests are run. Jed’s answer is not what Raf wants his Alpha to say.

I smell a challenge in the making. At least for the seat on the Council. At most for the Alpha spot among the wolves. It may not be this episode, but it’s coming folks. Mark my words.

Raf will stop at nothing to keep Landon close. And you’d think the werewolves would be behind keeping a pack together! They are PACK ANIMALS!

Well, I was wrong . . . he totally challenges Jed in this episode! Good for you, Raf!

I just hope he wins.

   6) The fact that Landon has no magic in his blood doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Emma tells Hope that most humans have a “trace” of magic in their blood, from “some far flung ancestor,” so the fact that there is ABSOLUTELY NONE is . . . something worth investigating further.

More specifically, investigating his past. Which leads to the super cool, witchy lie detector ball:

Blue for truth, red for a lie.

But if he doesn’t know the answers, a lie-detecting ball isn’t a whole lot of help.

The lie-detector kinda outs Hope later on, too.

  7) And the winners are . . .

Rafael for the werewolves!

NOT MG for the vampires . . . KALEB won!

And for the witches . . . . JOSIE!

She looks thrilled, doesn’t she?

And Penelope had something to do with it. Her wink at Josie after the announcement proves it.

Did she do it just to drive a wedge in between Josie and Lizzie, or does she have some other motivation? Have we EVER sorted out her motivation for anything she’s done?

  8) Alpha Dog Jed is a sore loser.

He also has anger issues and – as you can see from the screenshot – mad jumping skills.

It seems that Jed blames Landon and Rafael for all of the changes going on at the Salvatore School. I mean, he did lose his alpha status to Rafael, so you could also say he’s bitter.

   9) There’s a reason that dragons, gargoyles, and dryads have been downgraded to things that only live in storybooks.

And that reason seems to be that . . . they’ve all been wiped from the collective memory of humanity.  (And by “humanity,” I mean also the memories of any living being with a memory.) Something happened to all of these creatures that removed them from memory, only leaving behind old stories, books, and tales of their exploits.

 10) Hope wants a seat on the Council.

She is the only one of her kind, so it sorta makes sense that she’d want some representation.

I guess she needs to add “Assistant Head Mistress” to her resume, too.

And once all 5 Council members are assembled, the vote about whether or not Landon can stay begins – magic scales are always handy in this situation.

Apparently, since his beat-down on Landon . . . Alpha Dog Jed has gone missing.

 11) The Council votes, and Hope doesn’t vote the way I expected.

Emma voted to let Landon stay, saying the school is a “school of inclusion.”

Kaleb goes next, voting to make Landon leave.

Hope states that “Landon has to go.” She uses the fact that he told her he felt safe at the school but the lie detector ball called his bluff, as her motivation for voting the way she did.  She also says what Rafael is afraid to admit – they can’t protect him.  Rafael tries to dispute this, but where was he when Jed attacked? If Landon gets killed, the responsibility falls on the Council members that voted for him to be allowed to stay.

Rafael votes, obviously, for Landon to be allowed to stay.

Which makes Josie’s vote the deciding one.

And Rafael doesn’t like the result. Using the danger brought onto her family since Landon and Rafael showed up as the reason behind her vote, Josie votes to kick Landon out.

 12) “It’s not about you. Shocking, I know.”

Penelope is evil. PURE EVIL. Kicking Lizzie when she’s down is just . . . evil.  She tells Lizzie that Josie has no time for anything of her own, because Lizzie is “a black hole of time, of energy, of love.”  And that’s just the start of her tearing into the vulnerable blonde.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Yeah, I think those words hurt.

And Penelope is tearing down Lizzie because she knows Josie won’t? How twisted is that?

 13) Hope is sending Landon down to NOLA and Marcel.

She even packed him a sandwich, and hopes he likes ham.

And a matching bracelet that’ll let her know if he needs her, if he just presses the stone. Because a cell phone is too hard?

And of course, he tests it when she’s 5 feet away . . . in typical guy style.

And then there was this:

and then this:

Lots of kissing.


 #1 The HAUNTING rendition of Linkin Park’s “In the End” by Tommee Proffitt (featuring Jung Youth & Fleurie) is worth downloading for your next haunted house – click here to find it on iTunes.

It COMPLETELY put the creep factor into the Dryad trying to get the Stupid-Not-Stupid Knife.

I mean, nothing quite says “creepy forest spirit that can use vines to open doors” quite like Linkin Park’s song about how “in the end, it doesn’t really matter.”

RIP Chester – you are missed.

 #2 One that talks?!

Just HOW MANY dryads have you caught, Dorian?!

  #3 “Not all humans lie.” “I wish more monsters were like you.”

Dorian took the Dryad back to her home – the clearing with the daffodils – so she could die there.

And, just when he thought he’d be digging a grave, she turned into a gorgeous Willow tree.

Such a pretty Willow.

#4 Landon’s mom reminds me of Hayley.

Maybe it’s just her coloring, but Seylah sure resembles Hayley to me.

Just me?

  #5) Lizzie doesn’t need to make skin-to-skin contact to siphon magic.

Nope. She absorbs it right through the bottom of her sneakers, to destroy the punching bag she didn’t seem to want to hurt just a few minutes before talking to Penelope.

Final Thoughts:

So, there are answers to what Landon is in NOLA. Landon’s mom and this “dark pit” that the Dryad was to take the Stupid-Not-Stupid knife to are somehow connected through the symbol the Dryad drew, and Seylah is wearing. The Dark Pit is called Malivore, which we don’t know what it means, or is.

The Monster-of-the-Week wasn’t so monster-y this week. In fact, the Dryad was really kinda awesome.

Penelope’s motives were kinda revealed.

Lizzie kinda claimed Rafael in her misery – and his.

And, just what is Landon? (And am I ever going to get an answer to this question?!?!?!?!)

So, let’s see how all this pans out this week as, it seems, Jo makes a comeback as the Monster-of-the-Week in “Mombie Dearest.”

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