Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies 102 “Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn”

Thirteen Things We Learned from “Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn”

So, last week we were left with the knowledge that Landon might not be the Matt Donovan of this story after all. And that, once again, a guy uses Hope’s vulnerability against her. At this rate, she’s going to turn out to be more Klaus-like than Hayley-like . . . and that’s not good for ANYone in this story!

With this episode being titled “Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn,” we’re gonna see some of that Klaus-like anger, I think. Which could be fun. Or not.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?!

1)  It would seem teenaged boys are the same in Mystic Falls as in less supernatural towns.

Fueled by testosterone, and who knows which of the 5,634,223 emotions shooting through their tiny brains per minute, they are destructive wherever they are. (Some girls, too, don’t @ me!)

2)  There’s an annual event where the Salvatore Stallions take on the Mystic Falls Timberwolves in a game of flag football.

The Stallions, of course, can’t use their powers, so they “suck” (in the words of Josie, anyway). Alaric insists that this game has to happen so that the locals don’t pry too much into what the Salvatore School actually is. Lizzie counters that “they mock us,” to which Alaric responds – as only Alaric can – with “because they’re insecure, small town kids with small minds.”  Good comeback, Dad.

The sucky part for Caleb is – he was being recruited by Division I schools before this. He’s not used to losing. And he’s a vampire, now. And when Douche Kyle pushes him down, you don’t need to be a mind-reader to know that Caleb is considering evisceration as a viable flag football play.

3)  Rafael stands by his foster brother, Landon. To the point of breaking Alaric’s car.

Once Hope shows him what she saw from the bus “accident,” he realizes what’s at stake here. (And she shows him in a very Renesemee way, just FYI . . . not knocking it, just noticing it.)

While Hope tells him later in the forest, that “everybody lies,” she ends up trusting him, and allowing him three minutes with Landon (who’s hiding in the root cellar) before she tells Alaric they’ve found the runaway.  But, of course, she doesn’t actually give Rafael and Landon that three minutes – more like 3 seconds.

4)  Penelope is more than just a mean girl.

She is 50 shades of evil. First, fat shaming Lizzie, then preying on their insecurities about Alaric loving Hope more than them, while also (somehow) being on nickname terms with Rafael. (She calls him “Raf.” Which is pretty lame, actually.)

Penelope actually pulled that stunt in the kitchen with MG – according to her, anyway – not to upset Josie, but so that Josie finally sees MG. But what’s in it for her?  He ends up scoring by catching a GLORIOUS pass from Lizzie – after Penelope insists he “impress” her and she’ll help him get with Josie.

But, again, what’s in it for her? Hmmmmm.

5)  The sooty girl in the forest – she’s not the victim you think her to be, Alaric.

Those shifty eyes should’ve been your first clue, buddy. But, as per usual, Alaric only finds out half a second too late – after she’s magpied away his cellphone and his watch, and then . . . there’s this:

As Landon is confessing to Hope and Rafael that “there was this girl.”

After she breathes fire at Alaric, she disappears.

Alaric calls what appears to be his Assistant Coach – Dorian, and we find out that she’s a “pyromancer,” thought to be nearly extinct.

6)  Landon’s confession that a girl who breathed fire burned up the bus is believed by Rafael.

…who is new to all this magic stuff – and yet, Hope doesn’t quite believe him.

Landon doesn’t even remember stealing the knife.  He admits to faking being compelled, because he knew that Alaric wasn’t going to let him stay. This poor kid just wants to belong somewhere – and not be locked up in the “werewolf dungeon” or any other small space. (And yet he’s hiding out in a root cellar?!)

7)  And, of course, Landon still has the stupid-not-stupid knife that he swears he lost in the woods.

Turns out the pyromancer is a bit of a magpie – stealing all kinds of shiny things, headbands, cellphones, watches, and the root cellar where Landon, Rafael, Alaric, and Hope are . . . is where she’s been stashing things. It appears at least some of the things she stashed are from the victims on the bus.

8)  When Lizzie decides “the gloves are off,” Josie is reluctant, but Caleb is on board and so is MG.

When Josie gets on board, their hands all glow . . . I think the Timberwolves are going to get the trashing they deserve.

And Caleb’s hurdling one of them is . . . an epic moment. (Loved that throw back to Caroline!)

9)  Not a pyromancer.


And Dorian tells our Scooby Gang that you need “a butt-load of courage . . . and a sword” to take down a dragon. I’m guessing that knife that Landon pinched is the sword that can kill her.

The stupid-not-stupid knife is a dragon slayer? Okaaaaaaay.

But, when Rafael calls for the “alley-oop,” it sure does seem to take her down!

10)  Penelope suggests “door number 3.”

And door number 3 consists of the Stallions winning on their own – without any of their supernatural “special sauce.”

(How does she manage to pop up everywhere?!  Is there five of her?  What’s up with that?!)

But what is she up to? What does she get out of this?

It doesn’t matter much, anyway, because Josie made sure Caleb didn’t catch that winning touchdown . . . with a little of that “special sauce” she wasn’t supposed to be using.

11)  Ummmmm . . . dragon lady is NOT dead . . .

Or maybe, dragon lady is dead . . . but not the dragon.

This could be a problem, because I don’t see any “soft spot” on that lady.

Hope doesn’t falter when the dragon swoops toward her, but when she wakes up again after the collision and the dragon is human again . . . she does. Alaric saves her, when the dragon goes to breathe fire at Hope, stabbing her in the throat.

But, was that her “soft spot?”

12)  Apparently, that whole thing that MG said to Penelope about not messing with one of the twins, for fear of the other . . . was true.

Going through the “good game” line at the end of the game, Dana calls Josie a “loser” and Lizzie kinda loses her shit.

Can you say “brawl?”  I knew you could.

13)  Alaric is worried about a gate locking, and what might be wanting to get into the Salvatore School . . .

. . . when he really needs to be worried about what’s already inside. Cuz, I’m pretty sure that gargoyle’s eyes aren’t supposed to light up red, nor is his mouth supposed to open, showing razor sharp teeth.

Oh boy.


#1 It seems that the school has a beacon system in place – alerting Emma (who seems to be the school’s counselor) – when anyone uses dark magic. Useful.

#2  Lizzie and Josie are connected in ways I did not see coming.

You know how some twins know when the other is hurt, etc, when they are nowhere near each other? Well, it seems Josie and Lizzie have a “black magic beacon” of their own. Lizzie threw up “a gallon of black goo” the morning after Josie’s little escapade with Hope. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s more to this connection, as the season goes on.

#3  These twins. They have each other’s backs. In a big way.

And there’s even a “peas offering” in it for Lizzie and her black eye. (You see what I did there? * snort *)

And, even after Josie confesses spelling Caleb to drop the ball, and doing Black Magic with Hope . . . there’s still enough love for some Twin Snuggle Time.

#4 I don’t think for one second that we’ve seen the last of Landon . . . or Rafael.

#5 Hope misses her family.

And so do we, Hope . . . and so do we.

The ending, with that gargoyle’s eyes glowing, tells us that there’s something else at work here and not just a now-gone-rogue werewolf and whatever Landon may or may not be. Because, you know, dragons don’t exist. And if that wasn’t a dragon, I don’t know what that was. But, to me, it hints at OLD magic. The gargoyle, too, leads itself to that.

How long do you think it’ll be before Landon and Rafael will be back at the Salvatore School – in the “werewolf dungeon” or not? And what is their part in this?

What’s going to be the fall out over the brawl with the Mystic Falls Timberwolves?

And I love how the writers have managed to work the episode titles into each episode so far! How cool is that?!

Tune in tomorrow for a new episode to find out!


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