New Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Source: SpoilerTV.com

Morgan on Vampire Diaries-I can’t wait 6 weeks for Vampire Diaires to return! Please give some spoilers on the returning episode ” A Few Good Men”.

Matt and Vicki’s mother will appear. Also expect more Mia Kirshner.

Jesper on Vampire Diaries-Hi there! I’m wondering if Katherine is coming back to Mystic falls anytime soon, that would to awesome.

Eventually…Vampire Diaries is kind of slow in it’s production schedule so not as much is known (or has even been decided) about the rest of the season compared to say Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill which are currently wrapped up their seasons. Expect the Katherine storyline to extend beyond the season.

Sasha on Vampire Diaries-Her grandmother has died and she helped Stefan and Damon open the
tomb… so what’s next for The Vampire Diaries’ Bonnie Bennett?

A major fight with Elena

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