More Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers Via E!Online & Hollywood Life


E!Online & Hollywood Life have some more juicy Vampire Diaries Spoilers for us! Check it! Proceed with caution!

E!Online on Delena:

Delenaslooch:  From 1 to 10 rate Delena in the first six Minutes!!
For Delena fans? Probably a 20. Seriously, the premiere’s opening act is kind of like Delena porn. For Stelena fans? Goose egg.

SerenaMploss: How was seeing Damon & Elena together?
The new (long distance) couple is rock solid in the premiere, sharing the same fiery chemistry that hasn’t dulled in five seasons. Also: So. Much. Kissing. One more two word tease: Bubble bath.

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Hollywood Life on Stefan/Silas:

2. Oh, Stefan, Where Art Thou?

OK, here’s where things get interesting. I know many of you will miss Stefan — I got a lot of heat on Twitter for suggesting that you won’t — but when you see Paul Wesley in action as Silas, I think you’ll be too preoccupied by his incredible performance to pine over his “shadow self.” That said, Stefan still has plenty of screen time, both in his present-day cramped quarters and in several flashbacks that allow him to stretch his legs.

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