Julie Plec Interview From She Knows *Spoiler Alert*

julie-plec-she-knowsShe Knows caught up with Executive Producer, Julie Plec. She fills us in on the rest of the season, and Elena’s journey. *Spoiler Alert*

SheKnows: A lot of people want Elena (Nina Dobrev) to turn her humanity back on, but what do you think of the new, meaner Elena?

Julie Plec: As a writer and as someone who loves doing new things and finding a fresh voice, we love it. We love mean Elena because it’s different. It’s a fun sparkle. She’s nasty, she’s uncompromising and unforgiving, and it gets worse before it gets better for sure. Every time I see a cut of the show I feel it’s so new and fresh. Now I also know you run the risk of alienating people who are traditionalists and purists who like their heroine to be clean and pure. It’s not something that we would leave her there forever. I think it’s all part of the journey. When we decided to turn Elena into a vampire we didn’t want it to be easy. We didn’t want it to be a cakewalk. We needed her to run the whole roller coaster of emotions and of that experience of stuff so she wouldn’t just be, “Oh I’m a vampire, now let’s party and I’m happy.” We knew we wanted to take her as dark as we could take her so that’s where she is now, but we do the roller coaster. We end up down one hill and up another.

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  1. Alot of fans are really mad at julie for what she did with damon and elana…

  2. i dont mind her with her humanity off i just want her to be different than katherine and shes a lot like that and may even be a little darker i thought they would make her more with a purpose not so much as how she is now. I just like that they are portraying more into the storyline instead of focusing solely on the triangle. do i think she should have had more of a season experiencing damon yea just to fully get the triangle and then i think that stefan will bring her humanity back. but im happy that the triangle is on the back burner while the brothers get to be closer again. team salvatores wooo lol..

  3. Well that’s a hint that Elena wont be like this forever yay bc she is really getting on my nerves with the whole “there will be consequences” thing…I’m totally digging the Salvatore bond though that’s for sure!

  4. Alot of fans are bothered by the damage done to Stefan & Elena’s relationship as well, but not necessarily MAD at Julie. It cracks me up how people love Elena with no humanity until she does or says something to hurt poor little Damon’s feelings. :(

  5. i love it !. iam soooooo glad that vampire elena turned off her humanity off. the human elena was too good for her own good !. she did everything that everyone expected from her. human elena was goody two shoes !. vampire elena doesn’t take crap from anyone. the only reason why the salvatore brothers wants elena to turn back her humanity because elena acts half & half like the vampire ripper & like vampire katherine with a bonus of a bit of damon.

  6. @lemor totally agree. Human Elena was unrealistic. No real person is that “good”. If it’s either or, I will take bad Elena over good Elena. If there is a middle ground, I would prefer that.

    @cat, I too am annoyed that they started Delena, got to “come to me” and totally dropped them. That was a big moment not to see through and it was a huge story to forget about. It could have been interwoven into what else is going on. And I don’t like that Damon Mr. Pro Vampires being vampires, didnt just take bad Elena and run rather than want back whiny Elena.

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