Julie Plec Answers More Burning Questions From Wetpaint

More juicy tidbits from Julie Plec thanks to Wetpaint…again. They reveal more of their exclusive interview with Julie. This has been an awesome interview series from the folks over at Wetpaint, and you also need to check out their “Vampire Diaries Stars: Separated at Birth” feature! Very interesting indeed. Here’s Julie talking about the challenges Nina Dobrev faces with playing both Elena and Katherine.

What are Nina Dobrev’s days like when she’s playing both Elena and Katherine?

Julie: They are brutal. Truth be told. And Nina and her workload is one of the things that we always have to look out for. When she’s playing double duty in an episode that’s very Katherine and Elena heavy then she’s in every scene and it’s hard for her. She loves it. But it can take its toll. So we try to schedule it so that she can be Elena one day and Katherina another day just so that she gets to be in the same character headspace and not have to swap around. But sometimes the schedule doesn’t accommodate that and she’ll be Elena in the morning and Katherina after lunch.

What are the hours like?

Julie: Well, it’s the same schedule. It’s just sometimes, unfortunately, we shoot less because we need more time to change our actress over. Change her look over. Fortunately both characters comes to Nina very naturally. So she’s able to roll with the punches very well. She’s doing a phenomenal job.

True that. We’ve been plotting the differences between Katherine and Elena — her hair, walk, makeup, voice, etc. What will be a new difference that we will notice soon?

Julie: Let me think about that. [pause] Well, the fun of the next two episodes is actually seeing Katherine making more of an effort to embrace and adopt Elena’s wardrobe and hair and having some fun with that. She’s been studying Elena. And she’s very focused on trying to get her look right. In “Masquerade” [which airs October 28] we get to see Katherine trying to pass as Elena again.

Read the rest of the interview.


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