Janina Gavankar Talks Her Shocking Reveal & Bloody Arc with TV Guide

Original SinSo last night on The Vampire Diaries…it was revealed to us that this new character Tessa, is actually Qetsiyah, Bonnie’s long lost ancestor. TV Guide had a chance to talk to the actress who plays Tessa/Qetsiyah, Janina Gavankar. Check out what she had to say, and what we can expect from Qetsiyah.

Could Tessa develop feelings for Stefan simply because he looks the same as her first love, Silas?

Gavankar: Absolutely, that’s inevitable. But he’s not the first [dopperlganger] she’s watched, so she has a lot of restraint. But it is hard. You’ll see moments of her staring at him and trying not to fall in love. I read comments with people already ‘shipping “Stessa” and I’m like, “You might not want to do that because she will kill anyone who stands in the way of her ultimate goal no matter who they are.”

Does she have any other motivations aside from getting to Silas?
That is her No. 1 goal, but she’s had 2000 years of watching these doppelgangers find each other over and over and over again. So, she warns Damon about his future, that he has no shot, because she identifies with Damon a lot. She feels bad for him.

What about Bonnie? Will she help her return from the other side?
If she helps her, it’s only because it will further her own plan which is to kill Silas and trap him on the other side.

Read the rest of the interview over at TV Guide.


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  1. I was wondering if Qetsiyah wants the Doppelgangers to actually be together or she could care less. Her and Damon are similar in the sense of being “in the way” but why is it none of the doppelgangers have had happy endings?

  2. I wonder if the world will end if the dopplegangers do end up together. All that has happened is bad bad bad so far. What will happen of that prophecy is fullfilled? Worse? And since elena and stefan are so special where is Damons second life? Agenda?. Lets just hope our Damon is the saving grace for all this mess.

  3. she looks like that she don’t like her experience of the show as a new person she looks like on the picture from the candle fron upstairs on this website

  4. if you ask me who don’t like the experiense of the show is this new actress Janina Gavankar she looks like on her picture atfer the picture of Nina Dovre Elena,s Daylight ring

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