Exclusive First Look via Ausiello – Damon & Elena Romance??

Ausiello posted an exclusive First Look from “Miss Mystic Falls”. Read the synopsis here. Why am I loving this?? I’ve always been team “Stelena”, but I’m kinda excited about a possible pairing with Damon and Elena.

This exclusive image is from Vampire Diaries‘ April 22 episode, in which Elena finds herself competing for the title of “Miss Mystic Falls.” The event includes a traditional dance and, as you can see, Damon is recruited as her partner at the last minute.


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  2. no no no no NO!!! no changing the couple dynamic… but i do love the dress..

  3. I seriously would give up VD if they did Elena and Damon. It would destroy poor Stefan…so I would be out.

  4. oh come on they look great together and i think it would be hot if they hooked up and stefan wouldnt have to no

  5. stefan and elena 1st choice. this will do to.aahahaha. just can’t resist damon.

  6. omg! im so waiting for this moment! hope they become a real couple eventually..damon is so much more fun !

  7. I know that Elena is always going to be love crazy with Stefan, book spoiler!! But she does love Damon too, at least she will do! We don’t really know how Damon feels, but he does want her, and will try to prove to her that he’s better for her then Stefan is. And in a way i think he is, Stefan is the kind protective sweetest vamp ever, but Damon is fun, cheeky, and exciting, i’d choose him over Stefan anyday even if he has his moments!

  8. They are soooooo adorable together! Can’t wait to see them together!!! Ever since we found out Damon liked Elena. I have been with that all the way through!!!! Now….. hehehehehehe!!! We will just have to wait and see!!!

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