Caroline Dries Talks Vampire Diaries Season 5 with GMMR


Give Me My Remote‘s Marissa Roffman sat down with Executive Producer, Caroline Dries to talk all things Vampire Diaries! Find out what she teased about the upcoming season, set to premiere October 3rd on The CW.

As you’ve been crafting season 5, has there been a character who has been surprising you the most? 

CD: For sure Katherine as a human. She’s still Katherine, but she’s the best vampire and the worsthuman. So she’s just a delight to write. Brian [Young] wrote episode 2 where we see a side of Katherine that is just hilarious. And if it was any other character, you’d go, “meh,” but because it’s Katherine, it’s just hilarious.

And Silas, I think is cool. Originally we were thinking, “Maybe he doesn’t say that much. Or he really kind of keeps to himself.” But that’s not fun to write. So Paul [Wesley] brings a fun personality to [Silas] and I think he’s popping.

The little preview we got of season 5 at Comic-Con showed Silas controlling as a large group of people. Will he be escalating his schemes as the season goes on?
CD: Yeah, that’s his power; he’s immortal, [but] it’s like, you better exploit that psychic thing, because being immortal is — we have enough immortal people on our show. So he figures out a learning curve in the premiere. And he becomes a scary character, because if someone can anticipate what you’re going to do, that’s the worst villain.

Read the rest of the interview over at GMMR.


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