Another Vampire Diaries Season 4 First Look! A Vampy Elena via TV Guide

Thanks to TV Guide we now also have a First Look at Elena for The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere “Growing Pains”.

Is someone trying to keep Mystic Falls safe from bloodsucker-to-be Elena or are her loved ones trying to protect her from danger?

Either way, it looks like the locked-up baby vamp isn’t feeding anytime soon. “She doesn’t want to eat people, so she’s hungry — and moody,” warns The Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev.



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  1. I really don’t get why she can’t drink blood bag blood. It hurts no one, it kills nothing. Please oh please, do not make vampire Elena so overly hung up on not hurting a fly that she is even more crippled by compassion than human Elena, if that is even possible. Human Elena was pretty stuck in place because no one could ever get hurt. I do not get the appeal of characters who are willfully helpless.

  2. I think that elena dying is incredibly sad… Becuase claus drained her blood and then she fell she was practically dead. She was saved by meredith but now she is a vampire. Maybe the whole series is about her and what she was before and after becoming a vampire. I used to think she and stefan where made for each other, but after truely analising, i realised the only reason stefan was “drawn in” was becuase she looked liked kathrine. Damon only wants her because he cant have her. I believe mat deserves her the most. Remember he did say he would never give up o her.

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