12 Teases for Season 3 and Beyond – Via THR + New Finale Photo from TV Line *Spoiler Alert*

Check out this new episode still courtesy of TV Line. Aunt Jenna!! We’ve missed you so!! And  THR just so happened to one of the lucky ones that pre-screened “Do Not Go Gentle” yesterday. Check out their list of teases for the rest of season 3 and some tidbits for season 4.

Simpler Times: The finale will feature a glimpse into Elena’s life in simpler times, when vampires weren’t in the picture. But there will be a small nugget revealed. “It’s a small little runner that goes throughout the episode as Elena is looking back at a part of her life when things were more simple, at least from a supernatural level,” Plec said, who was adamant in saying that the incident that killed her parents was “an accident.” “We actually will get a little flash of something else during that happened during that time that we didn’t really consider and it’s more an emotional thing than it is a suspense thing.”


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  1. So based on this article, the end-game for the entire show was decided while writing the Masquerade episode from season 2?

  2. Not thrilled with Meredith sticking around…am I the only person who feels that character doesnt really bring anything to the show?

  3. Read the rest of this and it is clear that Elena doesn’t pick Damon and that Ric is gone since Meredith the largely absent is teased to be sticking around as Damon’s drinking buddy and maybe more. Why would Damon go near Meredith if Ric his friend wanted her or if he was snuggling up with Elena at night? Which means back to stagnant Stelena for the next 2-3 seasons. Sorry, but if Stelena was this great love, Elena would have been the one to turn him good, not love for the brother who tormented him and an apt “get over it” from Klaus.

    They really need to figure out what this show is. If it is about the grand Stelena live, they blew it with what I just said. If it is about family then the characters should actually have families that are larger than one lackluster member and the brothers should both give up on Elena to save their relationship. If it is about the triangle, which really only started this year, then Elena can’t pick one and be done she has to pick and pick again before the end; plinking her down with Stefan except for two kisses isn’t a triangle.

    @Diana, I don’t care for Meredith, she was pretty dull and I haven’t missed her. She doesn’t need to come back next year.

  4. @Melissa I agree with you about the show and the need to figure out what is going on. This season for me could actually have been a dream all along and start over in S4, because it felt… errr… not good at all. I think they tried too many different things that they lost control over them and also made the BIG mistake of trying to please the fans. They had a great start but it went downhill for me went it came back in January. Without trying to be mean, the writing was inconsistent this season and too much stuff happened off screen. I’m not even sure if they will be able to salvage this season before the end… :(

  5. @Marie, they forgot who the villain was. It was Klaus, it was Stefan, it was Rebekah, then Kol, still Klaus, but wait they want us to feel bad for Klaus because his dad was mean and feel bad for Bex because…I am really not sure what was wrong with her life other than that she is clingy. By making them all bad with moments of emotion it was muddled. It should have been Klaus bad for all, Bex bad for Stelena but eventually on team anti Klaus, Elijah on team anti Klaus, Finn as he was, Kol undecided. But they couldn’t have family go against each other so…

  6. @Melissa It goes back to what we both said, TVD lacks a real villain… We had none except small ones like Brady, Jules, Ben and Mikael.

  7. @melissa i really agree with you big time about damon stefan elena there isn’t a triangle and just one kiss doesn’t make it a big triangle. with tonights episode back to plain jane stefan soooo boring. he doesnt challenge elena make her want new things do crazy things isnt love suppose to be crazy fun and passionate i dont see that with elena and stefan i see stefan trying to coddle her. i think this season could have been better played out i hope season 4 is better.

  8. @tink88. i agree with you. stefan and elena just doesnt have the spark anymore. i mean, they had it at the 1st season but they just lost it everytime damon would just show up. im not being bias because damon and elena look better together, but its just that they have so many things Stelena doesnt have. Stelena love is just like a high school girl who’s dating this cute heartrob guy in school. AndDelena? its just so epic that they make each other smile. they may have lots of ups and downs but they surely will enjoy it. that’s what LOVE is. enjoying each other’s company. ohh, but deep down, i have this feeling that Stelena is endgame anyway, but im not one to talk coz im not the writer. and for those who keep complaining because the show doesn’t go their way, just means they’re not sports. whatever the ending of season 3 is,whether Damon, Stefan or even Matt is who Elena chooses, im still gonna be watching VD simply coz i enjoy its awesomeness. :) that’s all.

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