Sara Canning In Black Field Premiering Canada Wide June 2010

For those of you that don’t know, Sara Canning stars in a feature film called Black Field that premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival back in the Fall of 2009, but is being released Canada Wide in June 2010. Here are some promotional photos from the film, a brief summary, and a couple of trailers. It looks really good, can’t wait until it’s released on DVD! Here’s the link for the official website, Black Field Movie and the Facebook Page as well, with all the information you need for premiere dates, plus lots of extra promotional photos, check it out!

Inspired by the Gothic novels of the Bront√ęs, Danishka Esterhazy’s dark and captivating first feature is a suspenseful drama unfolding on a bleak Canadian prairie landscape in the 19th century. Maggie McGregor (Sara Canning) and her sister Rose (Ferron Guerreiro) have no remaining family to help with the physical farm labour and generate income. Maggie is a stoic, dutiful young woman who has spent her youth taking care of Rose, while providing for the household by living off the land. Rose is a friendly, vivacious and somewhat naive 14-year-old, not yet hardened by the challenges of their circumstances. The two sisters’ lives are forever changed when a mysterious and charming man named David Latouche (Mathieu Bourguet) arrives at their isolated farm. As the mesmerizing French-Canadian trapper wins the sisters over and is permitted to stay, questions emerge about his past and his intentions.


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