The Magicians Season One NOW Available on Blu-ray – Review


Hey guys! If you are looking for something to watch during this horrendous hiatus from The Vampire Diaries, I think I have found what you are looking for. Fortunately, I’ve been given the opportunity to review this brand new series on Syfy on Blu-ray called The Magicians. The series is based on a very popular book series by Lev Grossman and has already been renewed for a second season on Syfy.


Based on Lev Grossman’s New York Times best seller, The Magicians centers on Quentin, a brilliant grad student chosen to attend Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy, a secret upstate New York university specializing in magic. He and his 20-something friends soon discover that the magical fantasy world they read about as children is all too real – and poses grave danger to humanity.

My Thoughts on The Magicians – The Series

After watching all 13 episodes, I can say that I am completely invested in this series and can not wait to see what happens next season. Even though I’ve never read the book series, I have fallen for these characters and excited to learn more about their backstories.

The Magicians Season One Blu-ray Review

The Blu-ray, although somewhat basic, includes several deleted scenes on each disc, a gag reel and a behind the scenes look at “The World of Magicians”. Not to mention, a very cool holographic slip cover. I had no issues viewing the episodes or the bonus features.

NOTE: I feel I must mention that this particular version of The Magicians is “UNCENSORED”. Take that as you will.

But overall, I really enjoyed this blu-ray set and could definitely see myself re-watching the bonus features and binge watching again. I would definitely recommend to my fellow sci-fi genre friends. Watch some sneak peek clips below, and you can order The Magicians Season on Blu-ray HERE.

Trailer & Clips from The Magicians Season One on Blu-ray




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