Steroline June Wedding: The Vampire Diaries 8×15 “We’re Planning A June Wedding” Recap


We’re only one episode away until the series finale of The Vampire Diaries. After eight seasons, 170 episodes, it all comes down to one final episode. The question remains; how are the beloved characters of Mystic Falls going to say goodbye? On this week’s episode titled, “We’re Planning A June Wedding,” Caroline and Stefan rush to the altar in hopes to set a trap Katherine, who escaped hell and has her sights set on revenge. While the ceremony seemingly goes down without a hitch, but as usual, nothing is ever truly perfect in Mystic Falls and things turn downright dangerous. Here’s how everything went down.

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The episode kicks off with the silhouette of a long-haired woman, who resembles Katherine, strutting into town. She stops encounters an innocent drunk man waiting for an Uber and then just as he remembers her, she kills him. While, over at the Salvatore House, Caroline wakes to find Bonnie waiting with news of a hell storm headed their way. Katherine running hell and out for revenge

Meanwhile, at the Grill, Matt works a case and discovers his dad is back in town. He’s brought a surprise back to Mystic Falls with him, Matt’s mom. Holy shit is right! Good old chaos-causing Kelly Donovan is back. Honestly, where does she get off just waltzing back into Matty Blue Eyes’ life after all this time? Matt has a similar reaction seeing his mom again and hearing she and his dad reconnected.



Then just like old times, everybody gathers in the Salvatore living room and Ric, who is present courtesy of Facetime with Dorian, to come up with a master plan to handle Katherine. They decide since the dagger that took down Cade was forged from his bones that perhaps a dagger made from Katherine’s might do the trick as well. They just need a plan to draw her out. And because of Katherine’s undying love for Stefan, throwing his happiness in her face with Stefan marrying Caroline would be the perfect event she would not be able to resist. Let’s not forget Katherine confessed in season two, the reason she returned to Mystic Falls besides orchestrating a trade for her freedom from Klaus of course, was for Stefan. And before dying as a human, she and Stefan had a thing in season five. Katherine has always had a thing for him and him marrying another woman certainly wouldn’t sit well with her.

Matt heads back to the Grill to meet his mom. When Kelly visits the ladies room, she throws up blood in the sink and this is our first clue something’s not quite right with her. She grabs this little knife in her pocket and attacks the lady in the bathroom with her. It’s like she has to kill people to stay here similar to what Kai had to do. And honestly, I thought Katherine was appearing as Kelly (probably still scarred from all the body swapping from the damn Travelers).



Back at the Salvatores’ Caroline gathers her wedding planning books she’s probably been working on since her first crush. And surprisingly she’s handling her rush to the altar with Stefan much better than I’d ever imagine. She and Bonnie talk about her decision to marry Stefan even after all the awful things he’s done especially killing Stefan. But Bonnie understands why she did, but confesses she’s not in a place to attend.

Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan head to the caves to get Katherine’s bones and Damon breaks out a bottle of booze for a little impromptu bachelor celebration. That ends up being a heartfelt brother bonding moment between them. Damon gives his baby bro a pep talk. He assures Stefan that he deserves happiness and everyone knows he wasn’t himself when he did all those bad things and killed Enzo. Damon takes us on a little trip down memory lane as he lists all the things they’ve been through over the years from Klaus and The Originals to Marcos and all the Travelers and even doppelgangers.



Damon returns home with a drunk Stefan in tow. He lets him sleep it off while he convinces Caroline to take a break from planning and have a celebratory drink or two with him. Practicing best man toasts, Damon insists on one more trial run. Instead, he makes a touching toast to Liz and her beautiful daughter that hits right in the feels and brings tears. Caroline even opens up to Damon about her mom missing her wedding as well as Elena and now Bonnie. And in another touching moment between them, Damon hands Caroline Elena’s necklace so in a way Elena will be with her and says she can use it as her something borrowed. Damon and Caroline’s relationship has come along way over the years as well. He used her basically as a blood bag in the beginning and then they became frenemies, but Caroline never really approved of Elena with Damon, but now is an advocate for them to be together and he considers her family. Awe.

As all this bonding is going on at the Salvatore’s, Bonnie sees Enzo. He tries to convince her she has to have magic, but she isn’t too sure. Enzo insists she should go to the wedding and explains it wasn’t the real Stefan that killed him. He says she needs to trust Caroline and her judgment. The pair dance. Enzo paints a romantic scene of what he thought was the perfect place in the french countryside for him and Bonnie to get married. Swoon.


While Caroline is getting ready for the wedding, she finds a beautiful blue cameo necklace with a sweet note from Stefan. She’s surprised as Josie and Lizzie run happily into the room and Alaric isn’t far behind. He explains Stefan called in a favor from Valerie and she spelled the girls to keep them safe so they could be at the wedding, Alaric has a somber look and it’s obvious he still has feelings for Caroline. He tells Caroline he just wants to see her happy, but he has to go and she understands why he can’t attend.

Outside, Peter arrives at the wedding and Kelly questions him if he was able to get the dagger from Katherine’s bones made in time. And again, it seems as if Katherine is appearing as Kelly. Peter explains he gave the dagger to Stefan and Kelly grabs the small knife from her bag and attacks him. While inside, Stefan is preparing for the wedding and he and Damon have some more brother bonding. Stefan even mentions how he’d love to see Damon and Elena marry one day. My how far the brothers have come over the years. From fighting over the same girl, not once but twice to wishing nothing but happiness for each other. Awww gotta love epic Defan moments.



As the wedding begins, Stefan and Damon walk down the steps to get into place. Damon compelled the orchestra to play the opening waltz of The Founder’s Ball that Stefan and Katherine danced to in hopes to further entice Katharine to show her face. Quite the clever plan. While inside, Caroline is feeling her nerves and trying to explain to Josie and Lizzie how to walk her down the aisle. All is well though because Bonnie had a change of heart and volunteers to walk her bestie down the aisle. But as the wedding is set to begin, the Katherine-esque silhouette reappears and texts Kelly “Game on.” The exact same message Katherine told Caroline to give the Salvatores in season two after turning Caroline into a vampire.



As the wedding is underway, Ric is at the Armory and tells Dorian the story of how he came to Mystic Falls. In a tragic yet beautiful tale of loss which brought everyone together and they, all became family. And as he does, Caroline walks down the aisle to marry Stefan. Both her and Stefan look completely and totally in love. When she gets to the altar Stefan immediately asks about the blue cameo necklace she’s wearing and says it was Katherine’s. Caroline goes to rip it off but Damon insists she keeps it on to satisfy Katherine. Damon continues the ceremony and shockingly they’re no objections. Surely, Katherine would’ve objected in some grand over the top way. But crickets.


Caroline is a bit surprised they’re going on with things but glad. Then Damon asks for their vows. Both unprepared, he says to just wing it. Stefan goes first referencing a dance he and Caroline shared at their senior prom when she assured him one day he’d fall madly in love without even realizing it. And Caroline’s vows make reference to the show’s first episode. She somehow knew she was meant to be with the new mystery guy at school. Their vows are so beautiful and so is the wedding. Believe it or not, everything goes off without a hitch. Whether you ship Stefan and Caroline together or not, it’s truly is a magically romantic moment. It’s a bit too perfect and obviously, the other foot has to drop soon. No one ever stays happy in Mystic Falls.



At the reception, everyone is dancing; Stefan and Caroline and Damon dances with Bonnie, who also dances with Enzo as well. While everyone is having a good time, Kelly turned on the gas and throws the tank into the fireplace. Bonnie takes Josie and Lizzie inside to use the bathroom. Matt discovers his injured Dad outside the house. Damon stands and starts his best man toast, but Kelly interrupts. She insults both the bride and groom. Damon tries to compel her to stop, but it doesn’t work and she goes on. She shames everyone for writing Vicki off just like they did to her and if they cared they’d know she took a fall and died two years ago. Kelly claims Katherine is the only one who ever cared about her.



Caroline runs towards the house for the girls, but it explodes with Bonnie and the twins inside. Surrounded by flames, Josie and Lizzie keep Bonnie and themselves safe, Enzo appears and believes that it must be magic. The girls have to be siphoning magic from her to keep them safe. He encourages her to fight, to use her magic, let Josie and Lizzie siphon her and she teaches them the spell to save them. In a bittersweet moment, Enzo promises her they’ll be reunited one day and as he says “live your life Bonnie Bennett,” he disappears. My feels! The spell works. Bonnie and the girls make it out alive and look very badass as they do.



Meanwhile, at the reception, Damon and Matt question Kelly about Katherine and her plan. She reveals that Katherine plans to burn down Mystic Falls with hellfire. They both scoff claiming only a Donovan can bring hellfire and Matt or his dad won’t be ringing the hell bell. But Kelly laughs and says it’s a good thing you’re not an only child…and the same Katherine-esque silhouette is shown walking up to the clock tower. But it’s not Katherine. It’s Vicki freaking Donovan. Holy plot twist Batman! Vicki begins ringing the hell bell. It kills Kelly. And affects Bonnie as well, She sees Stefan standing behind her and does this little shudder as if she got a cold chill or something. Instantly, it makes me believe it might not be Stefan and perhaps another devilish doppelganger escaped hell, Silas. Bonnie passes out with blood dripping from her nose before finding out if it really is Stefan. A hell of a cliffhanger for one hell of an episode. And now everything comes down to one last episode and surely it’s going to be an epic showdown with hopefully an equally epic farewell.


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