Kill the Devil: The Vampire Diaries 8×14 “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride” Recap


With the series finale of The Vampire Diaries quickly approaching, each new episode hits home that even though vampires are immortal, our beloved TVD is not.  On “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride,” Damon must deal with the aftereffects of trusting Kai Parker.  While Stefan attempts to atone for his terrible acts beginning with an apology to Bonnie for killing Enzo. Obviously heartbroken over Stefan’s decision to leave Mystic Falls to ‘find him,’ Caroline puts on a good face. She and Alaric realize they must find a way to help the twins with controlling their magic. And as always, the drama this week is set on high. Here’s how everything went down.


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While Damon recovers from Kai siphoning him to death, Cade appears and breaks the news he has Elena’s coffin now. Turns out Kai wasted no time and on the sly traded it to stay out of hell longer. Kai being the diabolical pain in the ass he’s always been, kept the dagger capable of killing Cade as a little insurance policy. Cade wants the dagger and tells Damon if he wants Elena back, he must get the dagger from Kai for him.  

Meanwhile, Stefan, who’s fresh out of his second stint in the hospital since becoming human again, decides he must apologize to Bonnie for killing Enzo. She’s just is not having it and slams the door in his face. Honestly, what did Stefan think would happen? Then Bonnie turns around and Enzo is with her. He insists that she be a bit more understanding. A stance I wouldn’t have thought he’d take. Perhaps, being forced to work for Sybil and getting a glimpse of hell can really have an effect on one’s mindset.

Back at the Salvatore house, Stefan packs his bags. Damon tells him about what happened with Kai and how Cade has Elena’s coffin. He asks his brother for one last epic brother mission before Stefan leaves Mystic Falls. Of course, he agrees. Now to find Kai!



Kai sings his heart out (if he even has one) at some karaoke bar, which is ah-mazing in a funny way. Could Chris Wood be any more perfect as Kai? He’s the perfect blend of charming and crazy. Anyway, Stefan tracks Kai down and finds out if they kill Cade hell would disappear as well. Then with Damon’s help, they subdue Kai and take him back to the Armory to be imprisoned. When they arrive, Caroline and Alaric are discussing a game plan on how to handle the twins’ budding magic. There’s awkward tension between Caroline and Stefan, so she decides to help Damon take Kai to be locked up instead of spending time with Stefan. While upstairs, Stefan asks Ric for his help taking down Cade. Caroline stays behind with the twins and to keep an eye on Kai.



So Damon and Stefan go to meet Cade but before they do, Stefan confesses he didn’t come to trade the dagger for Elena’s coffin. He’s got his own agenda. He stupidly just wants to kill Cade no matter the cost. Quite a selfish move because he’s human and it’s practically a suicide mission. His motive is purely to ease his own guilt over what he’s done. He knows Damon wouldn’t let him be so dumb and try to stop him, so he vervains him to keep him out of his way. Stefan goes to meet Cade and of course Cade knows he’s come to kill him. He’s psychic duh! But what he doesn’t know is Stefan asked Ric to ring the Hell bell, which weakens Cade giving Stefan an advantage. Ric gets a call from the twins distracting him from ringing the bell giving Cade full strength and human Stefan is no match for him.

Damon comes to his little brother’s rescue before Cade kills him and takes his soul to hell. But now Cade is beyond pissed. If only Stefan hadn’t gone rogue in the first place and he and Damon worked together. After all, teamwork does make the dream work. Anyways, Cade sets Elena’s coffin on fire and insists Damon choose who dies between Elena or Stefan. An impossible decision, Damon decides he’ll die in their place. He asks Cade to put out the fire first and then he breaks a piece off Elena’s coffin and stakes himself. This is truly a selfless act for Damon to sacrifice himself for Elena and his brother, but the moment would have been ever more powerful if the series finale promos and photos hadn’t already spilled the beans that somehow, some way Damon makes it out alive and is in the finale. Just saying.



Elsewhere, while Bonnie spends time with Enzo, she gets a psychic vision that her friends are in danger, so she rushes to help. She gets to the quarry just as Cade is attempting to take Damon’s soul to hell, but he’s resisting. Bonnie steps in and goes toe-to-toe or mind-to-mind with Cade to save Damon’s soul from going to hell. Yes, badass Bonnie Bennett takes on the devil and is a worthy opponent. Just when Cade is about to overpower her, Stefan redeems himself and stabs Cade with the dagger. Buh bye Cade. His death causes a huge psychic blast that somehow blows Damon back into his body. Yeah, confuses me too, but hooray for Damon not being dead. Luckily, everyone walked away from defeating the devil.



From the phone call that distracted Ric, he learns Kai escaped. With magic he drew from the Armory walls, Kai snapped Caroline’s neck and is on the hunt for Lizzie and Josie. Ric tells the girls to go to their secret hiding spot. He’s on his way. Kai walks the halls of the Armory searching for the twins, which reminds me when he was looking for his twin brother and sister, Luke and Liv. Just when Kai thinks he’s found them it turns out to be a little trickery from Ric. He pops out of the hidden chamber in the Armory and attacks Kai. They fight, but Kai’s supernatural. He’s just about to kill Ric when Caroline comes and knocks out Kai.



Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan do some brother bonding that makes Stefan realize he’s been foolish when it comes to Caroline. And he goes to the Armory to see her. There, Alaric tells Caroline he wants to start a school for children like Lizzie and Josie, his own Hogwarts. Haha! And he asks Caroline if she’d help him with it, but before she can answer there’s a knock at the door. It’s Stefan. And at the very spot they first decided to be a couple, Stefan apologizes for being a dipshit and adorably proposes to her again. And of course, she says yes. And the June wedding is back on! Hooray!



When Kai comes to, he finds himself back in the bar, chained to a chair and his favorite song by the Spin Doctors playing on the jukebox. Haha! He finally gets his reunion with Bonnie and she breaks the news he’ll be spending the rest of his life there. With help of Lizzie and Josie, they created a descendant and prison world just for Kai. Before she goes, Kai gets in one last jab. He confesses and taunts that he was lying about hell being destroyed with Cade’s death. Instead, hell is now being run by the baddest bitch of them all…Katherine. Bonnie breaks the news to Damon, who is in total disbelief. His response, “We’re toast.” Yes, Katherine Pierce is coming back. I cannot hide my excitement that the OG of TVD villains returning. It’s going to be just like old times and what a way to go out!


The Vampire Diaries 8×15 airs Friday, March 3rd at 8|9c. on The CW

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  1. Was a huge fan and love the way the writers pulled us through the years with each character. I was a Damon fan always pulled for him ! Was so happy to finally see him become human and Stephen have to admit he was the down fall of Damon. Yet at the end after 8 years to see Elana let go of Damon”s hand and look confused, Then walk up to her dead parents was truly a bad ending. I have seen writers leave you hanging to make up your own mind, not a fan of that either. It was a not possible ending it didn’t leave you hanging it just left you confused and very disappointed cause you really did not know what the point was trying to be made. How did her parents get back and is Damon gone out of her life ? Is Stefan alive ? I could of handled a hanging but this was bad writing too many lose ends. No it was not hey the fan will have to wonder it was no conclusion at all after 8 years. I kind of wish I had never watched the show sad to say.

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