Book Review: Sunrise Sunset by Christina Barr

sunrise-sunsetParanormal Fantasy/Romance readers will enjoy this book’s unique perspective!  Keeps you in suspense for quite a while as to what/who any of the main characters really are, or what their futures hold.  Keep an open mind and don’t jump to any conclusions!  The author peels back layers of story line very carefully, keeping you guessing all the way through.  The title is apt, as you do learn quickly–even though the reasons why are withheld for almost an excruciatingly long time!  None of the characters are actually who they seem to be.  Plenty of mysterious back story a tangled love story, unexplained power, murder, mayhem, escapes, kidnappings, and otherworldly influences abound.

The heroine may be a tad whiny for some, but she eventually sucks it up once she and the readers find out just why she is the way she is.  The hero has a hidden past that you won’t see coming, and you may want to eliminate the main ‘villain’ but nobody can figure out how to do it!  Very ‘good versus evil’ all the way through.  Early action scenes were a bit weak, but it felt like the author ramped them up as the story progressed on purpose.   It’s a quick read, with a strange conclusion–give it a try!

 Sunrise Sunset is available for purchase from Amazon on Kindle or paperback. And don’t forget to like the Sunrise Sunset page on Facebook!

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