Book Review: Love You To Death – “The Unofficial Companion to TVD S4”



I was overjoyed to add Crissy Calhoun’s latest Love You To Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries to my collection.  For this installment, she was joined by fellow authoress Heather Vee, co-owner of vampire-diaries.net.  The pair did a fabulous job ‘dissecting’ Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries television show, with wonderful insights of their own, plus incomparable snippets from the showrunners, writers, directors, editors, cinematographers, music supervisors, cast–it’s like the CLIFF Notes and Encyclopedia BritFANGnia of TVD all rolled into one!

I simply cannot do without this book when marathoning the episodes as soon as the yearly DVD set hits the market.  I especially enjoyed the TVD staff commentary scattered throughout–you can really ‘see’ where some of the ingenious plot twists and epic visuals get their inspiration from!  Besides breaking down each and every episode in depth, there are also ingenious comparisons as to the origins of some of the fractured history that make up the basis for each episode, the episode titles, references to history and literature that were drawn on–so many times things that never occurred to you as a viewer!  I love how every book in this series compares ‘where we’ve been’ to ‘where we are now’ in the big scheme of TVD.  Any viewer/reader that’s also a history buff will revel in the detailed ‘real world’ events that may have inspired certain scenes and events in our characters’ lives.  There are also sections devoted entirely to the questions that may or may not have occurred to you during the season, as well as some of those ‘uncertain’ events that may not exactly mesh (for the moment) with what we’ve seen.

These books aren’t designed to ‘recap’ the episodes, rather to enhance your thoughts as an avid watcher of the show, and spark some thoughtful contemplation for the future.  Since I personally have seen every episode multiple times by the time this must-have piece of literature arrives, I don’t necessarily read each chapter right after watching an episode–but that would be a great way to do it for folks just starting this book series!  And you simply MUST get each edition of LYTD for every season!

One of my favorite new additions this season was the music list, by scene, that the ladies researched and included–any rabid watcher also LOVES the music used in the world of TVD, and some of the obscure new artists may just make your play list permanently!

I have ALWAYS loved the timeline section near the end of the book–this is REALLY where the Encyclopedia BritFANGnia comes in.  You have no idea how many arguments I’ve settled as to who-did-what-to-who-when just using Crissy’s dates and timeline information.  Sure saves all that searching with the Fast Forward button!

If you don’t have a copy yet, RUN, don’t walk to Amazon or Barnes & Noble for your copy NOW!

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